Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Why im not at school on this day at this hour??? Coz yesterday nite, im already back at Mummy house. This morning Mummy & Daddy bring me for my nose check up. Whats wrong with my nose? I guess you all still remembered this. We thought after few weeks, the flu should be ok. But it doesnt. When i sneeze, not only flu comes out but together with blood. That scares my bbsitter, so she quickly informed Mummy about this.
Thats why i end up at the hospital this morning. While waited for my turn to see the ENT specialist, Dr Gilbert, i passed by my Paed clinic. The nurse was cleaning the room before clinic start. So i just went inside and play with all the toys.

Around 10:30am, it was our turn. Mummy thought it was nothing serious, maybe just some infection in my nose. But after the Dr explanation, Mummy just went blank. The Dr said something about operation, bla bla bla and he cannot proceed today. He makes an appointment for us tomorrow as early as 7:30am.
After we came out from the Dr room, then only Mummy recall what he was saying just now. Dr Gilbert suspected i have inserted some foreign object into my nostril coz when i breath, it emit foul smells. So Dr need to perform some procedures ( mummy also dont know exactly whats that call), insert a tube inside my nostril and check thoroughly. But the main worry was i need to be put on anaesthatic. Mummy knows i will struggle for sure.
We all went back feeling gloomy and worry. We just wait for tomorrow to come......