Saturday, August 8, 2009

At The Post Office

I came here before long long time ago, and till now i still remember this place called Post Office. Whenever we passed by this, i will tell Mummy & Daddy, this is post office. So, today coincidently Daddy wanna pay some bills and collect his registered mail, he brings me along.
After we take a number, we waited for our turn to be called. The post office quite empty maybe because it was Saturday.

So empty, till i can wander around

Holding the ticket number while waiting

Why so long our number not yet called?

Looking at the empty counters, only 1 counter opened on Saturday

Faster, faster, if not im ready to be posted out liao...hahaha

At last , our turn.....

Eventhough only 15 minutes spend around here, but its more than enough for me to have all the fun.. i will be back again....

The Puzzle

Tada, this was the outcome of the puzzle that Mummy bought for me yesterday... Of course not done by me, but Daddy's effort. He spent one whole night to assemble this. Daddy usually dont have patience to do little things like this, but dont know why yesterday he got the uummph to do so.
But this puzzle only can be like this for few hours. After that i 'demolish' them into single pc again. Hoping that Daddy will re-do it but he just keep all in the box. Sigh, i guess this was the life span for my puzzle, 1 day only...kakakaka

Friday, August 7, 2009

My New Puzzle

Mummy bought this set of puzzle (100 pcs) from KFC without much hesitation coz he knows i love to 'play' with it. I mean really really play, i will scattered all over the floor, then mix & match. After a while, i will asked for Daddy's help.
Eventhough at the end, me & Daddy cannot finish matching this puzzle, but we do spend quality time together. Thats what count, right??

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Sleeping Partners

Introduce to you all, who's my sleeping partners were - L-R - Mickey, Goofy, Leng Chai. Hahaha, i need 3 partners and my bed was way too small to fit 4 of us, so we all cramped up like this.

And what we always do before we went to sleep ? Of course, watching our fav dvd, cartoons mainly.

But it seems like im the one that more enjoying this than my partners....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mummy's Little Baby

Do i looks like a baby? Hehehe, lately i loves to play dress up. I will dig out all my baby belongings esp this hooded blanket and cloth diapers. I will asked Mummy to wrap me up like a newborn. I guess i missed my babyhood. Or we really need a baby at home ??? * wink* wink*