Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gu-gu 's Big Day

Today is my Gu-gu big day. And yet my Gu-Cheong have to wait for me to open the door for him coz we're late. Daddy's hp keep on ringing asking us our whereabouts. The groom was all ready waiting inside the car for the flower boy, thats me.

Sorry Gu-Cheong, keep you waiting for me ... but dont forget my angpow ar....hehehe

My lovely Gu-gu( can see my disgruntled face? I was forced by Mummy to wear that skinny jeans)

And its time again to take angpow from the newly-weds

While the adults were busy with the tea ceremony, i was having my leisure time playing with toys

And again, Gong Hei , Gong Hei to my Gu-gu and Gu-Cheong

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Head Support

Mummy have been looking for this head support for a long long time. Everytime when i fall asleep in the car, my head will fall forward or to the side. Mummy feels uncomfortable seeing me like this.

When Aunty Jennifer said she have sew one for ZQ, Mummy also need something like this to keep my head nice & steady, but too bad Mummy dont know how to sew. So she can only find from the market that selling this kind of product.

At last she found something similar like it from Jusco, and it was having a 50% discount(RM11.90 after discount). Without thinking twice, Mummy quickly bought the head support.

Tada, nice or not?? Now Mummy no need to prop my head up with blankets when i fall asleep in the car.

But Mummy, dont you think my head is bigger than the head support?? You see, my head is like this big.....

After some consideration, Mummy finally decided to give this to baby Iyson... this head support was quite small for me though... and she will start searching again for this product that suit my age..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lollipop Sandwich

After reading from Aunty Peggy's blog, Mummy also wanna tried out this simple Lollipop Sandwich. Such an easy task , just wrap the sausage and cheese with bread, roll it and cut it. Mummy didnt use the satay skewer( too dangerous for me) , but she choose to use the plastic picks. It just turn out nice and cute.

Nyum, nyum, me enjoying my Lollipop...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shopping Spree

Dont know whats went wrong with Mummy today. We have never been on a shopping spree for a long long time. The very last time we did it was before Mummy gave birth to baby Iyson.

We started the day with Jusco Cheras Selatan after Mummy have finish her half day charity work(company's project). We have our late lunch at Ichiban Ramen and Mummy ordered for me their kids menu.

Looks cute ,right?

Me posing happily with my lunch, i sapu all the rice and , lobster meatball but minus out the pudding and orange juice.

Finish our lunch, we straight headed to The Mines. Daddy wanna go to the World Chinese Books Fair. Nothing suit Mummy and me , its all chinese books. So Daddy just bought me a TOM & JERRY cartoon dvd while he browse for his fav, cd's and stamps.

Since nothing interesting there, Mummy bring me for window shopping at The Mines Shopping Fair while waiting for Daddy. End up , i buy more VCD's, of my fav show, Ultraman. I have my very own collection of The Ultraman series now.

Mummy still couldnt find the THING that she wants at Jusco and The Mines. So she suggest to Daddy we should go to Alamanda, Putrajaya. At last , Mummy found it.

Tada.... we was mall- hopping just because of THIS...

My Mummy really knows how to spend her hard-earned $$$ once a while by pampering herself.

And this stack of books was bought when South City was having the BBW sales last week. I tag along and was complaining from the moment i step in till we step out. Inside there was really people mountain people sea and books was seen everywhere.

My Mummy really knows how to shop huh???

Saturday, November 13, 2010

2010 Kindy Concert

Today is my Kindy 8th Annual Concert cum Graduation Night. Mummy doesnt know what dance i was involved this year, but she just got me changed to the costume that i bring home 2 days ago.

As expected, i dont like the costume just like previous year. I put up a struggle when teacher was trying to put make up on me. I really cried out this time till teacher have to comfort me.

When Mummy seeing this, she quickly left the room. She knows if she stays there longer, i will be more cranky.

Mummy was waiting patiently in the auditorium with Daddy and baby Iyson for my performance. Baby was doing great when we reached there. But i guess after a while, passed his nap time actually, he starts to cry. Mummy and Daddy take turns to carry him and pacify him outside the auditorium.

Luckily Mummy manage to get in before my performance start. She quickly get ready her camera and waited in front of the stage. I did spotted Mummy and keep looking for her.

Mummy was supposed to meet up with Aunty Ginie that night. She spotted where aunty Ginie was, but too bad that time Baby Iyson already started throwing tantrum. A really bad one, till force us to went back straight away after my performance. I didnt even get a chance to see my other friends performance.

Not many pics taken by Mummy this year, but at least she video-ed me when i was doing my performance. We're the 4 yrs old boys that lead the 3 yrs old girls. Most of the girls just dont know how to dance. They just stand there and looks around... i was doing better than them last year...hehehe

Friday, November 12, 2010


Today Mummy lets both of us play together, fixing my new jigsaw puzzles.

Wyson : Mummy, take our picture... im smiling now

Iyson : Ya, ya, takes gor-gor picture while im chewing his puzzles..nyum nyum

Wyson : Mummy, u see, my puzzle full with baby saliva...yucks..

Iyson : Never mind, that one taste not nice, still got so many to choose from here

Wyson : U see, so wet already, i need to wipe with my shirt..naughty baby

Iyson : What ? Izzit my fault the puzzles taste so nice??

Wyson : Im telling u one more time, baby, dont mess with my puzzles while im watching tv, k?

Iyson : Ok, ok... i help u sorting out the puzzles ya...hmm, which one is which??

Wyson : Im giving up on you already, u wanna eat, eat all u wants...

Iyson : This one taste nicer though....

The End of our Playtime

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cry Baby

I was wailing and sobbing hysterically in the car when Mummy decided not to bring baby Iyson back home tonite. Babysitter told Mummy, baby already fast asleep when we reached there. So it would be better if we comes back tomorrow to fetch him.

I keep on demanding i want baby back with us tonite. Mummy promised she will bring back baby tomorrow, but i just dont want to listen. I keep on screaming I WANT BABY NOW, not tomorrow, not any other day.

When Mummy see this, her heart sank, but feel relief at the same time too. This makes Mummy wondering , was this called brotherhood love??

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Can Write

Mummy was quite worried when she see other kids that same age with me or younger than me can write very well. They can even write their own name without guidance. But Mummy never see that happened to me.

So today, before sleeptime, Mummy hands me a small booklet with my name written on the 1st line. She wanna see whether i can write my name. This was what i passed back to Mummy after a few minutes.

I can write, Mummy. Just that im super lazy and my handwriting was not neat at all.

^ Phew, i was so relieved when i saw my little boy can write actually. Just that i need to train him more. Practice makes perfect, right?