Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 6 (24/3/2012) - Taichung

We checked out quite early today, before 8am..thats why im recharging myself again while we're on the way back to Taichung.

We need  around 3.5 to 4 hrs to reach , so we wont missed any chance to stop at their Rest & Relax station whenever we can. Here totally different from ours one...Mummy even commented their R & R was like a shopping mall...LOL

one of the R & R that we patron

this big rice balls caught Mummy attention..wasnt it pretty?

The weather was bad today, raining the whole day thus makes our itinerary go haywire...the driver ask us to choose one tourist spot only for today...between Sun Moon Lake and Chingjing Farm..

After most consideration, 9 vs 1, to the farm we go...Before that , we was being ushered to this restaurant for our late lunch...

we all wrapped up like bak zang, super duper cold weather

We choose their recommended set meal for 10 pax, cost twd3000..... the portion was big and for some of the dish, we cant finished it and end up tapau-ed..

this cabbage taste sweet

their famous minced meat

fresh cabbage to eat with the minced meat

very appetising, but forgot what is this

omelette, but forgot whats inside

crispy fried tofu

fried pork

another dish of chicken

beef or mutton? 

clear chicken soup with bamboo shoot

grilled talapia fish

spicy mashed potato

Their waiters here was so friendly, even posing for Mummy...hehe

After lunch , we straight away went to Chingjing Farm, it was raining cats and dogs...but we still proceed buying the entrance ticket for the Sheep Show which cost twd200 per pax and prove our decision was wrong... Gung gung and Por por was smart enough, they waited for us outside... the rain was so heavy, the ground was wet and slippery . Needless to said, the lambs also become 'dirty lambs'..

We only stays about 10 mins in the farm and hurriedly came out. It was smelly with the lambs poo stench... 

i keep on telling Mummy , when i talk , got smoke comes out...hahaha

We were freezing cold here while some of us was wet from head to toes...thanks to the heavy rains.. we quickly get into our van and headed back... We stop by again at another rest area. And here they got the Lavender shop, everything selling in the shop also related with lavender..

Mummy cant resist taking picture with this cute lil bear

After this, we was back to our hotel. We stays at the same hotel , Tomato Rooms, and surprisingly we got back the same room..At night, we have our last shopping trip at Fengjia night market. Tomorrow we will be heading back to Taipei..