Thursday, December 8, 2011

Early Xmas Gift

 I've been bugging Mummy to buy me a scooter just like this since months ago..

pic taken on 2/10/11 at Tesco

So whenever we went to Tesco, the 1st thing i do was to have a free ride around here. Mummy said cannot buy from Tesco bcoz : 1. the price was too expensive RM79.90, 2. the size cannot support my weight, and most importantly 3. the quality not good, made from aluminium, easily dented..

Mummy did search from Jusco and Toys R'Us, but still cant make up her mind to buy. Till i told her, " Mummy, all i want for Xmas is this, scooter"...Ok, this statement really works...

The next thing you know, i was riding happily with my new scooter. Price : RM120 but Mummy feels the scooter worth the price she paid, 1. Made from stainless steel....2.. It is heavy duty, can support my weight, 31kg.. and it comes with a bicycle bell attached to its handle.. and the height can be adjusted accordingly...
Vroom, vroom , vroom...

Jealous of my new toy??? kekeke

Every nite, my routine without failed, i will ride along on my scooter roaming at the car porch for few minutes before i take my bath..

And today, finally accident happened... i cant balance myself and have a great fall.. I runs into the house crying out badly.

my badly scratched wound

Mummy said if i keep on wailing like a baby, she will give away my scooter... i love my scooter so i just weep silently in a corner..

Monday, December 5, 2011


Conversations that make Mummy speechless...

1st scenario

Me        : Mummy , can you buy me an Iphone?
Mummy : 'SHOCKED' Why you need an Iphone?
Me        : Coz yi-yi have one... i also want.. yi-yi iphone can play games
Mummy : But you have an Ipad, ipad also can play games
Me        : Ipad is ipad , but i want Iphone, Iphone can make calls..
Mummy : But Mummy dont have money, how?
Me        : You're working, you supposed to have money ,right?

2nd scenario

Me        : Mummy, can you login to Brandon's facebook for me?
Mummy : Huh, why u need to login to his facebook?
Me        : Coz Brandon's facebook got so many games, i wanna play...
Mummy : But i dont know Brandon's email
Me        : Give me the phone, i call Brandon now to ask for his email
Mummy : But its so late already, maybe Brandon sleeps already
Me        : Why cant i have a Facebook too? ( frown)..oh, Brandon said when i reach 7 yrs old, then i can          
               have my own Facebook..

Friday, November 18, 2011


What am i doing on this auspicious date?? Going to kindy as usual? Or skipping school on this special day?

Waiting for departure on the 10.11.11 with my Por por

And i have landed at Baiyun International Airport , Guangzhou on the 11.11.11 at 12:30am....Yippeee, another holiday trip for me...

We check in at the Guangsha Hotel , which is just a mere 5 mins from the airport. We need to go back to the airport in the morning to catch a bus to Zhuhai.

When checking out at 9am on the same day.
 Basically we just sleep for about 6 hrs..

We took a bus to Zhuhai which takes about 3 hrs from Guangzhou

killing off time with my ipad

We reach Zhuhai around 2pm. After checking in at the New East Star Hotel, we quickly dash out to have our late lunch.

Our messy room

We found a restaurant just opposite our hotel, and didnt think much just headed there, sit down and place our order. Everybody was so so so hungry...

our lunch consist of a plate of roast duck & so many plates of vege

The roast duck was very yummy and tasty according to them. But too bad i didnt eat duck meat, so with only the gravy i can also finish 2 bowls of rice. Just the gravy already so appetising, so i guess the meat should be up to par...

After lunch, we proceed to the Gongbei underground shopping mall which was just 10 mins walk from our hotel. We walk, and walk, and walk like nobody business ... till i complaint of tiring legs. Then Mummy & Daddy so reluctantly left the others to accompany me back to the hotel...

We have our bath and took a short nap. By the time we woke up, its already 7pm...tummy growling for food. We thought of looking for the others for dinner , but too bad when we knock at their door, everybody was out. So the 3 of us went out and have our dinner at KFC..

zinger burger

hot & spicy chicken wings, kfc here only served chicken wings,
no other part of chicken available...hahaha

Portuegese Egg Tart

This one is the most special one, it was not an ordinary portuegese egg tart, inside have fillings one, the lotus seed. When Mummy have a bite of it, she also got a shock. But nevertheless, the taste was unique. Cant taste it elsewhere , i guess...

Mummy also have this after that KFC dinner. She said she's not full yet lah..

beef stew with radish

see all the 'liu'

Mummy can go crazy when seeing this. Whenever she spotted one, no matter what , she will stop by to buy this. But she said the best still the one she had in Macau..

Finish our jalan-jalan cari makan trip, we went around the town for sight seeing...

So enough for 111111, will continue to write again for the rest of the trip....

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Not Blues

Usually on Monday, Mummy will have difficulties waking me up for school, but not today. Coz today is a holiday, replacement for yesterday Hari Raya Haji. After sending baby Iyson back to bbsitter, we continue our journey to The Mines.

Mummy have an appointment for her long overdue facial session, a package that she signed 5 years ago for 6 session. Unbelievable, right? Luckily today is the last session.

thats my Mummy, candid shot taken by me

After waiting for more than 2 hrs for Mummy to finish , finally i told her im super hungry. I need to eat something. Mummy looks at her watch, its already 3 pm, no wonder i start complaining.

Mummy quickly called up Daddy who wandering away to meet up at Sakae Sushi. Mummy long time already wanna tried out this.

Mummy's bento, the portion was quite large

When Mummy shows me the kiddy menu and ask me what i want, i quickly made up my decision and point to this...

My aeroplane meal, i finish everything here except the veges

i insist taking picture here, Bread Talk 

After the late lunch, when we preparing to leave, Mummy thought of packing home some of this.

our all time favourite donuts, Big Apple

Im not having Monday blues today, but i did watch the Smurfs just now... i keep on lala....lalalalala..lalalalala...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

2nd Semester Parent-Teachers Day

The first thing Mummy asked Teacher V is whether in my last exam i have scored 100marks for any of the subject. Why Mummy asked like that? Because of me lah, i boasted to her that i managed to score for 2 subjects...Of course Mummy knew i have tried my level best during the exam when Teacher V told her , in some subjects i did improved but also got some that i failed miserably.

see how poor my Bahasa Malaysia

Teacher V commented eventhough in Bahasa class, i seldom speak in Malay. I will always asked the teacher to do the translation for me in English. Same to Mandarin class too. I wont speak Mandarin to my friends or teachers. So now Mummy is having headache. She have enrolled me to a chinese primary school and yet im so poor in this.

Something is not right here. Mummy knew from the beginning im a slow learner comparing to my peers. Im having short attention span and most of the time i cant concentrate in class. Dont be surprised if Mummy said i still cant remember all the 26 alphabets and my numbering too. Mummy dont want to be too pushy and giving me pressure. And she doesnt compared the result of my exams like some other parents do. She just wants me to study in a relax environment. But she foreseen i will be having a tough time adjusting when im in primary 1. But she dont know where to start or how to start in improving my study....

my teacher's comment about me

Seeing the attendance, Mummy knew travelling was the main culprit. I missed out so many lesson and im not able to catch up when im back. So from next year onwards, Mummy have cut down my travelling schedule and she hopes it wont be too late for me to prepare myself for the battle in primary 1.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Long Awaited Gift

Last 2 months, i have been selected as one of the winners of Disney Junior's Yo Ho treasure hunt contest. Since then me & Mummy have been waiting patiently for the prize to arrive. Disney Junior FB did mentioned that it will takes around 8-10 weeks time.

Today when we're back to our home, Mummy as usual check our postal box and take out few letters. Then later, she heard Daddy was complaining someone have thrown a BOMB parcel in our home. The parcel was just thrown on the floor and it was wet. Ya, blame it on the rainy season lately. And Daddy said he can see the parcel was from Singapore.

Singapore? The moment Mummy heard it, she quickly dash to the door, grabbed the parcel from Daddy and opened it up. She saw this...

Too bad the treasure box was broken, blame it on our lousy postal service. Simply throw the thing on the floor and didnt even wrap it with a plastic wrapper first, in case if it rains, the parcel will not get wet.

Luckily the contents inside the box was intact. Inside the box got a bandanna, beach ball, activity booklet and a pirate eye patch.

Yo-ho, im Wyson the Pirate....LOL

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Daddy Wins

Daddy didnt join us for the Port Dickson trip last week because he have to attend his company's annual dinner. And Mummy already show her dissatisfaction towards Daddy decision. She didnt talk to Daddy at all when we're away for the trip.

Luckily for Daddy, he won something on the dinner. His table was being selected for the table draw and 10 of them in that table won this.

iPad 2, 32gb with wifi

Daddy was so happy and called up Mummy that nite to inform her of the winning. But Mummy just buat endah tak endah. Still angry lah , kononnya....but deep inside her heart was very happy & excited too... cant wait to lay her hands on the that gadget..

Mummy give face to the iPad2 , so friend back with Daddy....hahahaha.. Not only Mummy was happy , me and baby Iyson also so addicted to our new playmate...Mummy have downloaded so many games suitable for kids my age and baby songs too..

teaching baby Iyson how to play the game

mummy loves to see us bonding like this, when we're not fighting for it lah

And now i can download the games myself without Mummy helping me. I will just choose which games that i like , then press install...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween Day. Happy Halloween everyone... Actually i dont really celebrate Halloween coz i dont know what's that all about. I just know Disney Junior and Cartoon Network were airing Halloween themes cartoon. 

Last Saturday, we went to Alamanda, Putrajaya. Mummy was doing her groceries shopping at Cold Storage. And we, the boys were busy trying on the halloween masks available.

Scary right??

Mummy cant stop herself from taking our pictures. She find it was very hilarious...

can you spot which one is me?? 

No prize thought for guessing it right, hahahaha.... Tricks or Treats, anyone??

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Simple Meal

Today , Mummy was in LAZY mode. She doesnt wanna cook something heavy after which she needs to wash alot. So she search inside the fridge and found a packet of frozen ready made roti paratha ( Kart's brand) which she bought few days ago.

Just need to pan fried it with a little bit of oil. Mummy substitute oil with butter and fried till golden brown.

our crispy roti paratha

After fried, the roti paratha was so fluffy and crispy. I even said it taste more good than the mamak roti canai. Then for the dipping, Mummy just heat up a can of chicken curry ( instant again, Mummy really in her super duper LAZY mode). Eventhough canned, but still taste good...hehe

canned chicken curry

Plus a cup of cold Ribena, our afternoon tea was perfect....

Simply loves Malaysian food

Sunday, October 23, 2011

We Came Here Again..

Last year Xmas we came here to celebrate. This year we came here again for Por por birthday celebration. They have changed their name from Legends International Water Homes to Grand Lexis, Port Dickson. We checked in yesterday and checked out today.

Mummy and Yi-yi wanna give a surprise gift to Por por and Gung gung as well. They bought the plane tickets for them to fly to KL but never told them. Only a week before the departure, they break the news to them. But too bad, wrong timing coz Gung gung need to go outstation. A surprise end up with only the birthday girl was here. So Por por said next round no more surprise , must inform them months earlier to avoid  this happened again.

Nevertheless , Por por still enjoy her stay here. She's never been here before and keep on saying the place is very nice & relax indeed. Last year we booked the tower block and our unit was on the 8th floor. This round Mummy said we tried out their Garden Pool Villa. In total we booked 3 units, 2 units on the lower level and 1 unit on the upper level. Mummy requested for the upper level coz the swimming pool was open air, and need to  climb up the staircase only can reach the pool. More safety for small children like baby Iyson.

the outdoor swimming pool

our room with 2 king size beds and a tatami concept

I was not feeling well the night before. My body was very warm and a bit feverish. Mummy brings along my medicines, just in case we needed it. And Daddy didnt follow on this trip, as he have to attend his company's annual dinner.So Mummy becomes the driver and drive all the way to Port Dickson. When we reach there, it was only 12:30pm while the check in time is 3pm onwards. So all the children was allowed to have a dip at the public pool while waiting for check in.

i dare to jump into this pool coz the water only knee length 

After half an hour, Mummy see me being so restless in the pool. She then asked me to come up & changed. My body was so hot, and she quickly fed me Ibuprofen. I was asked to rest on the relax chair. A short while later at 2pm, the receptionist called and said our room was ready. So off we go to our room.

i only dare to sit down & play water since that black incident last year

Once the kids see the outdoor swimming pool, they cant wait to jump in again. When i see them having good time there, i also pleaded with Mummy to let me join. Mummy was hesitate at first coz im still fever but knowing that i wont wanna dip in the pool ( due to the 'falling into the pool' incident last year) ,she agreed. But i play for awhile only , after 20 or 30 mins, Mummy summoned me in and get me changed.

At least im better than baby Iyson, he didnt get a chance at all to swim coz Mummy cant go into the pool(monthly duty) and she cant trust anyone to look after him in the pool. So we two were being locked out and only can see others enjoying their swims.

me & baby Iyson only can peep through this door 

Mummy see us so pity, thus she let us have some junky, dried fish fillet to chew on. Luckily i did bring some of my 'dvd's collection, aka Ultraman' to watch here. 

so enjoying, chewing on fish fillet while watching tv

After they were tired from swimming, we all gathered again in our room. Everybody was busy with their activities - watching tv, playing hp games and online too ( the hotel provide free wi-fi usage)... and Mummy was busy too, keep on checking my body temperature...

Mummy was freaked out when the thermometer shows 39.8 degree

Since it was time for dinner already, Mummy said she wants to bring me go to the nearby clinic to get some suppository , in case my fever shoot up again in the middle of the nite. Waited for 30 minutes in the clinic just to get the suppository..

Its already 8:30pm when we got out from the clinic. So we hurriedly went to search for the seafood restaurant near Giant Lukut, as recommended by aunty Michelle.

We ordered 8 dishes plus a fried rice. All the food was yummy and no complaints though, dont know whether too hungry or the food really that delicious.. What i knew was, after i had my rice with some fish & gravy, i immediately puke. I vomit out all, not a single grain of rice was left in my stomach.. ( too exaggerated hor..hehe).. But the best part was, after the vomiting , i still can continue with the leftover rice on my plate. I told Mummy i was very hungry actually..

L-R(clockwise) - Lala in Superior Soup (this one highly recommended),
Tung Poh Meat, Kam Heong Lala & Sweet sour Pork

L-R(clockwise) - Stir Fried Shu Miu, Steamed 'Hung Jou' fish,
root beer chicken wings, Sotong with sambal petai

The total bill was RM306. Reasonable for the price coz the portion of food was quite generous.. After the dinner , we sang birthday song for Por por. We didnt managed to buy a cake for her , but Por por said its ok. She already got the best birthday present ever, a trip with all of us.

My Mexican look with

This morning before we checked out, all of them still can swim for another round. But of course me & baby Iyson not included. :-(

I was still feverish and in fact yesterday nite , Mummy have to insert the suppository to reduce my fever. I sleep all the way back from Port Dickson.

Mummy said this trip was so tiring for her , taking care of 2 sick babies while Daddy was not around. Luckily got Kiu po to lend a helping hand. If not , Mummy cant imagine how she can handle..

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My 1st Pair

Last Thursday(13/10), after work, Mummy suddenly said she wanna buy a pair of sunglasses . That's my mum, she loves to make decision out of a sudden. So the the shop we went. After trying out a few pairs, she finally decided on this.

Need to guess on the brand anymore? hehe

While Mummy busy trying, i also busy trying on a smaller frame sunglasses. I told Daddy i want to wear it (bespectacled) like him. Mummy slap forehead. Of all the things that i want, i want to be FOUR EYES?? Hmmm.... 

Ok, back to my selection, end up i choose this pair of sunglasses..

My 1st pair of sunglasses, siap with Tigger on it, dont play-play

The story just didnt end there. After Mummy paid for it , i asked the aunty why no casing given. Then , where i want to keep my sunglasses if im not wearing it?

end up, i got this Mickey Mouse pouch

Mummy feels so paiseh. She thought after getting the pouch, then we can leave. No, no, no.... another question bombarded to the aunty again. Why i didnt get a cleaning cloth? I need to wipe on my sunglasses if its get dirty. ( For info, Mummy didnt teach him all this, dont know from where he got all this idea from? Should Mummy be proud or what?)

the cleaning cloth, finally

After getting this 2 items from the aunty, then only i wave goodbye and smile sheepishly towards her. And i cant wait to show of my new sunglasses.

Im wearing it no matter inside or outside the house

and im wearing it for day and nite

Mummy even caught me wearing on it while i sleep.....wahahaha...