Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All About Foods

Basically this was what we have for our whole trip... most of the food not ngam my taste, so i usually just take plain rice and some gravy.

Day 1

For lunch

stuffef yam with minced meat
fried veges
their signature dish, steam beer fish

snails with bamboo shoots

fried shrimps
chicken paste in bamboo

for Dinner

we tried again, this steamed beer fish
clear tofu soup
vege in oyster sauce
minced meat with long beans
yong tau foo

for supper

kfc porridge

Day 2

for lunch

yam with minced meat
clear vege soup
fried omellete
spare ribs with ginger
steamed chicken

Day 3

American breakfast

for lunch

chicken in soya sauce
clear soup
fried omelette
steamed chicken

for Dinner

yong chow fried rice

Day 4

for breakfast

yangshuo noodles

for lunch ( at Guilin)

yam with pork
fried glass noodles
spicy chicken

for Dinner

claypot tofu
roast duck
fried french beans
fried sweet potato

fried pumpkins

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pictures Said It All

Day 1 - Yangshuo

From the airport, we straight transit to Yangshuo, the more countryside place

In front of our hotel, there is this Li River

Nice view

then we explore the West Street, our hotel located inside this street

Not very packed during day time, but its very crowded on nite time

Day 2 - we rent a scooter to get around

First, we went to Ancient Totem Path ( seeing wild people's culture and dance show)

then we went to Moon Hill

If not mistaken, this is Flute Hill, we went to so many hills and caves till Mummy also cant remember the name

The last stop was here, Bamboo rafting at Yulong river.... this was the BEST !!!

Especially everytime we going down this small damns

3rd day

went to Nine Horse Nine Fresco Hill that has natural images of what appeared to be a group of horses

We take this motorised bamboo rafts

The scenery behind us was the exact image of their RMB20 notes ( printed at the back)

The 4th day at Guilin

Reed Flute Cave

and then this dont know what mountain already, i have to climb up more than 100 steps just to reach the peak to see the whole Guilin

thats all of my scenery pictures. Next will be my makan-makan pictures..