Sunday, May 30, 2010


Every weekend, i will ask Mummy to cook porridge for me. Why i prefer porridge?? Coz no need to chew so long compare to rice and i can just swallow quickly. I dont fancy chicken, fish or vege porridge. I just want a plain, a really plain porridge.

Just like this.....

Mummy cook this porridge using ikan bilis broth( hmmm, i never see Mummy boil porridge using water only). According to her, the porridge will turn out very tasty using the ikan bilis broth and full with calcium too( from the ikan bilis bones wor...what a weird fact). Plus a few dried scallops, the porridge will be perfect.

But when i was a baby, i dont remember eating porridge as one of my meal menu. Coz i like something more solid than that, eg.. rice with soup or gravy... Yup, Mummy was telling me i start to have rice( the very soft rice, of course) when i was just 4 mths old. Everytime Por por feed me porridge i will spit it out and make a mess. But when feed with rice, i will finish it without much problem. No wonder im so BIG size now, thats the secret.

Sizing Problem... Again

Remember Mummy blog about this problem end of last year?? The thing that she worried most really happened now. I've outgrown my size XL uniform and sport attire in just 5 mths time. Can you all believe it??!!!

Mummy also shakes her head when Daddy told her i have 'ripped' off the neck tie from my uniform. I told Daddy it was way too tight for me after securing the neck tie. I feel uncomfortable and cannot breath ( ok, a bit exaggerated...hehehe)

The neck tie should be in position like this

This was after i 'ripped' it off

So Mummy left with no choice and give my Principal, Ms M a call and ask her whether they got a bigger size or not. Luckily they have XXL size, but the not so lucky is, this is their last size. They dont have any size larger than XXL. Oh, whatever, as long as now i have uniform to wear.. Just need to settle the problem now.

My XXL uniform, i can fit in nicely

My XXL sport attire. A bit loose, but very comfy for me to move around

Mummy even suggested to Ms M, if i have outgrown this set of attire, i will need to wear daily wear. Wow, if i can really wear my own t-shirt and pants , it will be very COOL walking around in the kindy... coz i will be the ONLY one without school uniform...hahaha

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Day to KLCC

Today, Mummy wake me up more early than usual. She said we're going to KLCC. I thought Mummy was being nice to reward me for my rainbow fox. But i was totally wrong, wrong, wrong.

She comes here just because of this :........

Her Lesportsac multi-case

And sun-pin bought me this 3 story books( which she will regret later) so that she can entitle for the 20 % discount

Ok- lar, better than nothing

After Mummy got what she wants, then we have some shopping spree. We went to Toys'R'Us. I saw a Toy Story gun that i wants badly. And the price also not cheap, RM79.90. I know Mummy wont buy for me, so i just try my luck asking and pleading her. The answer still the same : a big NO NO

When we're leaving, Mummy spot something that suitable for baby Iyson. Without much thinking, she just bring to the cashier. So what im waiting for?? I quickly grab a few things too. I've got myself a mini bubbles blower( RM7.95, which after paying only Mummy said it was too expensive, but too late, its already in the plastic...hehehe) and a Thomas fan(RM15.90).

After i got the bubbles, i keep on pastering Mummy. I wanna blow, i wanna blow... So we proceeded to the park. Luckily it was not hot and looks like going to rain too..

We play for awhile and it starts drizzling...... what a waste...

Before we left, we manage to snap a few pics.... See my disgruntled face, not enough playing with my bubbles..

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Colouring

Mummy always complaint and complaint about my colouring skill. Eventhough i have joined Art Class at kindy, but it seems like my skill improving to nowhere. My class teacher, Ms W also commented the same thing during the recent Parents-Teachers day. She said im more to the lazy side actually and dont have patience. I wanna quickly finish my coloring, and to save time i dont even wanna change the color( using the same color for few objects).

The Not-so-perfect colouring

And the teacher was being nice to give me a STAR

So, today dont know what's went wrong with me, i told Mummy i will do the colouring as nice as it could be. I wanna proof to Mummy she didnt waste her money sending me to Art Class....

Tada, presenting my Rainbow Fox

Once Mummy see this, she giggles. She remember about Chloe, she also have this rainbow seahorse. But Mummy still give me a big praise and ask me to keep up with this kind of effort. At last, i didnt dissapoint u, Mummy....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sustagen Roadshow

This is the first time Mummy brings me to a roadshow. She knew it a day before from her Multiply friend and made the last minute decision. She thought i can play and drink for FREE(what a KIASU mum i have, hehehe) and no need to spend a single penny. But she's wrong.

I tried the 3 flavors of the milk, and HONEY is the best

Play a few games at first to get the goody bag

End up Mummy have to bought 3 boxes of Sustagen in order to get the FREE big red bouncing ball. I was a Sustagen Kid before, that was 3 years ago. I've stop drinking this milk coz was diagnosed as lactose intolerance. After 3 years, my condition getting better. Once in a while , Mummy will let me have some cow milk too.

Yi-yi more pity, she have to bought 6 boxes of Sustagen to enable her to get 2 balls for Brandon and Darren. And they two never drink Sustagen before...

Me with my bouncing ball ( and i dont even know how to sit on it and bounce, what a shame). Mummy said blame it on my short legs...hahaha

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Share

Today is Jusco Member's Day sale at Seremban 2 branch. Mummy already mark this must-go shopping day. In fact, she never missed any sales at Jusco, really a die-hard fan.

Mummy was the best, she not only shop for her things, but everyone got their share too. Daddy got few pairs of new pants and baby Iyson have a new rocker. Oh, oh, and what about me?? Hehehe, Mummy still remember im asking for a push car as my coming birthday present.

In fact, im getting tricycle/bicycle every year for my birthday and this year another one for my collection.

Can u tell which one is the latest??

Yup, this was my 1st hand-down push car when i turn 1 yr old

This is the latest addition to my collection, my 4 yrs old bday gift( still got 2 more mths to go)

This one is more bigger than the existing one, and i can sit comfortably on it. Thank you Mummy for the advance bday gift... Im loving it...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Cikgu Day

Yesterday was Teacher's Day, coz it falls on Sunday , Mummy decided to send something to kindy today. Mummy think and think, and the best still would be a cake that can be shared among the teachers.

This year Mummy didnt ordered from Secret Recipe, she learned her lesson from last year. She asked Yi-yi to order from the bakery nearby her house. To Mummy delight, the cake looks so tempting and fresh too, with all the fruits on top.

This year, Darren also same kindy with me, so Mummy and Yi-yi share buying this cake. The teachers love it and in the afternoon, the principal send a thank you sms.

Happy Cikgu Day to all the teacher!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mama's Day

Today is Mother's Day, i wanna wish Mummy Happy Mother's Day and I love you. On Friday, i gave Mummy my artwork, a hand-made card and a 'carnation flower' made from tissue paper in a love shape paper vase.

At nite, we went for a simple dinner with Por-por, Yi-yi's family and 2 Kiu-kiu at The Mines. We choose this Restaurant, Moon Palace with a very nice ambience. The food was ok, regardless of their slow service coz the restaurant was super packed.

Our family of 4 now

Later after dinner, Mummy spotted a Kiddy Wet Park just beside the Restaurant before we left. I was allowed to play for a while coz Mummy said it was late and we need to go back home.

Just cannot hide my smiley face when see water squirts out from here...

Overall, this year Mother's Day was very meaningful coz we have Baby Iyson together with us...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Multi-Purpose Desk

This is the studying desk Mummy bought for me last year.

Its not only used for doing homeworks or reading, it can also be used as a .....................
BED. I can sleep 'comfortably' on it......
Mummy dont know wanna laugh or scold me when she sees this.... but she sure wont forget to snap a picture of it..