Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween Day. Happy Halloween everyone... Actually i dont really celebrate Halloween coz i dont know what's that all about. I just know Disney Junior and Cartoon Network were airing Halloween themes cartoon. 

Last Saturday, we went to Alamanda, Putrajaya. Mummy was doing her groceries shopping at Cold Storage. And we, the boys were busy trying on the halloween masks available.

Scary right??

Mummy cant stop herself from taking our pictures. She find it was very hilarious...

can you spot which one is me?? 

No prize thought for guessing it right, hahahaha.... Tricks or Treats, anyone??

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Simple Meal

Today , Mummy was in LAZY mode. She doesnt wanna cook something heavy after which she needs to wash alot. So she search inside the fridge and found a packet of frozen ready made roti paratha ( Kart's brand) which she bought few days ago.

Just need to pan fried it with a little bit of oil. Mummy substitute oil with butter and fried till golden brown.

our crispy roti paratha

After fried, the roti paratha was so fluffy and crispy. I even said it taste more good than the mamak roti canai. Then for the dipping, Mummy just heat up a can of chicken curry ( instant again, Mummy really in her super duper LAZY mode). Eventhough canned, but still taste good...hehe

canned chicken curry

Plus a cup of cold Ribena, our afternoon tea was perfect....

Simply loves Malaysian food

Sunday, October 23, 2011

We Came Here Again..

Last year Xmas we came here to celebrate. This year we came here again for Por por birthday celebration. They have changed their name from Legends International Water Homes to Grand Lexis, Port Dickson. We checked in yesterday and checked out today.

Mummy and Yi-yi wanna give a surprise gift to Por por and Gung gung as well. They bought the plane tickets for them to fly to KL but never told them. Only a week before the departure, they break the news to them. But too bad, wrong timing coz Gung gung need to go outstation. A surprise end up with only the birthday girl was here. So Por por said next round no more surprise , must inform them months earlier to avoid  this happened again.

Nevertheless , Por por still enjoy her stay here. She's never been here before and keep on saying the place is very nice & relax indeed. Last year we booked the tower block and our unit was on the 8th floor. This round Mummy said we tried out their Garden Pool Villa. In total we booked 3 units, 2 units on the lower level and 1 unit on the upper level. Mummy requested for the upper level coz the swimming pool was open air, and need to  climb up the staircase only can reach the pool. More safety for small children like baby Iyson.

the outdoor swimming pool

our room with 2 king size beds and a tatami concept

I was not feeling well the night before. My body was very warm and a bit feverish. Mummy brings along my medicines, just in case we needed it. And Daddy didnt follow on this trip, as he have to attend his company's annual dinner.So Mummy becomes the driver and drive all the way to Port Dickson. When we reach there, it was only 12:30pm while the check in time is 3pm onwards. So all the children was allowed to have a dip at the public pool while waiting for check in.

i dare to jump into this pool coz the water only knee length 

After half an hour, Mummy see me being so restless in the pool. She then asked me to come up & changed. My body was so hot, and she quickly fed me Ibuprofen. I was asked to rest on the relax chair. A short while later at 2pm, the receptionist called and said our room was ready. So off we go to our room.

i only dare to sit down & play water since that black incident last year

Once the kids see the outdoor swimming pool, they cant wait to jump in again. When i see them having good time there, i also pleaded with Mummy to let me join. Mummy was hesitate at first coz im still fever but knowing that i wont wanna dip in the pool ( due to the 'falling into the pool' incident last year) ,she agreed. But i play for awhile only , after 20 or 30 mins, Mummy summoned me in and get me changed.

At least im better than baby Iyson, he didnt get a chance at all to swim coz Mummy cant go into the pool(monthly duty) and she cant trust anyone to look after him in the pool. So we two were being locked out and only can see others enjoying their swims.

me & baby Iyson only can peep through this door 

Mummy see us so pity, thus she let us have some junky, dried fish fillet to chew on. Luckily i did bring some of my 'dvd's collection, aka Ultraman' to watch here. 

so enjoying, chewing on fish fillet while watching tv

After they were tired from swimming, we all gathered again in our room. Everybody was busy with their activities - watching tv, playing hp games and online too ( the hotel provide free wi-fi usage)... and Mummy was busy too, keep on checking my body temperature...

Mummy was freaked out when the thermometer shows 39.8 degree

Since it was time for dinner already, Mummy said she wants to bring me go to the nearby clinic to get some suppository , in case my fever shoot up again in the middle of the nite. Waited for 30 minutes in the clinic just to get the suppository..

Its already 8:30pm when we got out from the clinic. So we hurriedly went to search for the seafood restaurant near Giant Lukut, as recommended by aunty Michelle.

We ordered 8 dishes plus a fried rice. All the food was yummy and no complaints though, dont know whether too hungry or the food really that delicious.. What i knew was, after i had my rice with some fish & gravy, i immediately puke. I vomit out all, not a single grain of rice was left in my stomach.. ( too exaggerated hor..hehe).. But the best part was, after the vomiting , i still can continue with the leftover rice on my plate. I told Mummy i was very hungry actually..

L-R(clockwise) - Lala in Superior Soup (this one highly recommended),
Tung Poh Meat, Kam Heong Lala & Sweet sour Pork

L-R(clockwise) - Stir Fried Shu Miu, Steamed 'Hung Jou' fish,
root beer chicken wings, Sotong with sambal petai

The total bill was RM306. Reasonable for the price coz the portion of food was quite generous.. After the dinner , we sang birthday song for Por por. We didnt managed to buy a cake for her , but Por por said its ok. She already got the best birthday present ever, a trip with all of us.

My Mexican look with

This morning before we checked out, all of them still can swim for another round. But of course me & baby Iyson not included. :-(

I was still feverish and in fact yesterday nite , Mummy have to insert the suppository to reduce my fever. I sleep all the way back from Port Dickson.

Mummy said this trip was so tiring for her , taking care of 2 sick babies while Daddy was not around. Luckily got Kiu po to lend a helping hand. If not , Mummy cant imagine how she can handle..

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My 1st Pair

Last Thursday(13/10), after work, Mummy suddenly said she wanna buy a pair of sunglasses . That's my mum, she loves to make decision out of a sudden. So the the shop we went. After trying out a few pairs, she finally decided on this.

Need to guess on the brand anymore? hehe

While Mummy busy trying, i also busy trying on a smaller frame sunglasses. I told Daddy i want to wear it (bespectacled) like him. Mummy slap forehead. Of all the things that i want, i want to be FOUR EYES?? Hmmm.... 

Ok, back to my selection, end up i choose this pair of sunglasses..

My 1st pair of sunglasses, siap with Tigger on it, dont play-play

The story just didnt end there. After Mummy paid for it , i asked the aunty why no casing given. Then , where i want to keep my sunglasses if im not wearing it?

end up, i got this Mickey Mouse pouch

Mummy feels so paiseh. She thought after getting the pouch, then we can leave. No, no, no.... another question bombarded to the aunty again. Why i didnt get a cleaning cloth? I need to wipe on my sunglasses if its get dirty. ( For info, Mummy didnt teach him all this, dont know from where he got all this idea from? Should Mummy be proud or what?)

the cleaning cloth, finally

After getting this 2 items from the aunty, then only i wave goodbye and smile sheepishly towards her. And i cant wait to show of my new sunglasses.

Im wearing it no matter inside or outside the house

and im wearing it for day and nite

Mummy even caught me wearing on it while i sleep.....wahahaha...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Just the 2 of Us

Today Mummy took half day leave from work. At 1pm, she already reach my kindy to fetch me. We have an appointment with my Paed. I've been vomitting and having stomach pain for the past few days. Since Mummy havent have her lunch yet, so we decided to stop by at Jusco S2. For the 1st time in history, me & Mummy go gai gai without daddy and baby Iyson.. I enjoyed it, and Mummy , we should do this more often, can ?

Mummy have bought a meal coupon from one of the website for this Manhattan Fish Market. Mummy ordered a glass of 100Plus for me to rejuvenate.

Im having stomach pain, so even 100Plus also cant make me smile

Spaghetti for me - left untouched, end up have to tapau

Mummy's Lunch - Small Flame Platter with Orange juice
which she bought the coupon that cost only RM21.90

After the lunch , we straight away headed to the hospital. Wait for a while, then its my turn. Once the paed check, he said my stomach was bloated ( full of gas & winds). Then he check my throat, and notice i got tonsils. The Paed was asking Mummy whether she wants me to be on antibiotic medication. Mummy was very anti of antibiotic. So she asked the paed , beside antibiotic , any other way? The paed then suggest for blood test. From the blood test , we will know whether its my throat that making me so sick or some other virus..Mummy decided for the latter.. 

I objected with my Mummy idea for the blood test. I even tried to run away from the lab but Mummy coax me back. She told me , its no big deal. Just a small prick at the tip of the finger, press out few drops of my precious blood, i wont feel pain at all, maybe just like ant bite. She even said last time she got prick for 10 fingers, and after that she cant eat, drive , do any housework. Do i believe her?? Yes, of course i do. Whatever Mummy told me , i will believe her 101%... ( Note from Mummy : I've got no other choice than telling white lies, coz he so protested when he know i want to send him to the lab for the blood test. So sorry, my dear son, Mummy just have to do this..) 

after the blood test, still can make ghost face meaning not that pain lor

Mummy checking on my finger while waiting for the result

of all the finger available, they choose to prick my middle finger ..LOL

Luckily the result show i got virus infection in my little tummy, and the tonsil not the main culprit. So no antibiotic for me, but just prebiotic..phew...

After the visit to the paed, and burn a big hole in mummy's pocket ( the bill cost up to rm 139.90), i no more complaining of stomach pain and also no vomitting at all.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stickers Craze

Last 2 weeks, Mummy received this flyer from kindy . She didnt pay much attention to it coz all year long, she can find assorted flyer in my bag. Dont know whats went wrong, when she drop me at kindy last week, she suddenly ask the teacher about this. She inquiry whether its too late to purchase this. Teacher said still can place order and Mummy immediately pay on the spot.

After 2 days, this was what i get. A folder containing stickers....

few of the sticker cards

color code chart

all the colorful stickers

What i need to do , was just paste the sticker according to the color code, no cutting or gluing needed.

concentrating on my 1st card, butterfly

Mummy found i was clever enough to stick the sticker on my hand.

The sticker was very small in size , and i have difficulties detaching it, so the best way was to stick it on my hand. Whenever i needed it, just pull out piece by piece.

The eyes was on the tv, but the hands still busy sticking the stickers..LOL
Thats called killed 2 birds with one stone!

the end product - a colorful BUTTERFLY

Tell u what, this stickers was really addicting. Once u started it, u will want to finish it all. Straight away after that butterfly, i continue again with this one.

Mummy just cant help stop laughing seeing all the sticker on my hand.
And i even crying out "OUCH" coz the sticker stick to my hand hair...haha

Once again , concentrating on the tv and work

slowly and patiently attaching the stickers

i finish all this within 2 days ( still got another 6 pcs left)

It was a very good hand artcraft for a lazy person like me. I dont like to draw or paint, so the only thing that can attract me is STICKERS. No mess and cleaning needed after this. But, Mummy did grumble a while for the sticker paper that i accidentaly left on the floor.