Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Rapper Look

Yo, yo, yo
whats up ? whats up ?

Im here today to show you all
how a cap can change me whole

Rapping to the left
Rapping to the right

A-ha, a-ha, a-ha
thats the way i like it

do i look like Justin? Not Justin Bieber lah,
Justin, the singer from HK..hahaha

Still not up to par yet lah
Mummy thought it was fun 
seeing me wearing a cap

In my whole life, this is the 2nd time 
I allowed this thing a.k.a CAP
to be put on my head

Friday, September 23, 2011

Modelling Dough

Yesterday, Mummy ponteng from her works and went all the way to IOI Mall , Puchong with baby Iyson, Kiu Poh & Yi Poh. After having their lunch at The Seoul Garden, they went to this RM5 shop, Daiso. Tell u what, if Mummy see this shop hor, she can shop for hours. Got one time , she purposely fly back to hometown just to visit this Daiso..*Fainted*

Because she feels guilty for not bringing me, ahem , she bought this as a compensation...LOL

dough made from wheat flour, so Mummy can let me play
without worrying about toxic clay

all the 'ka-lang-chang'

and im happily moulding the dough

my imagination, a number one MAN!

and a string of hearts, Blue-Daddy, Red-Mummy,
while the mix colors for me and Baby Iyson

At first i've just made a BLUE heart for Daddy, but Mummy merajuk after she knows i didnt make one for her. So i quickly grab a red dough and make a RED heart for Mummy... and not forgetting for myself and baby too...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Plastic Wrapper

Because of Mummy 'ng ser tak' to use the Pooh Zipper bag, she went around to find another similar bag that can be used to tapao my breakfast to school. At last she found it at Daiso, but its not a zipper bag, just a normal plastic wrapper but in Hello Kitty prints, which Mummy doesnt fancy but found it cute enough for me to bring it to school.

The Hello Kitty Plastic Wrapper

can see the prints clearly?? Hello Kitty riding on an elephant

the size just ngam-ngam, not too big or too small for my snack

then Mummy sealed it with fancy tape

tada, my snack wrapped nicely in this

And its quite cheap too, RM5 for 40 pcs.... ya, i know my Mummy not environment-friendly by using this kind of plastic, but it save alot of time from washing my lunch box...hehehe. And most importantly, its very convenient too...just simply pull out a plastic, put whatever thing you desired , then off you go..

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gold Coast

How i wish i was there, Gold Coast, Australia....wawawawawa....Can wish only lah.. But can go to the Sepang Gold Coast also not bad... Due to the last minute planning ( me & baby Iyson just recovered from our sickness, so Mummy dont wanna travel far), we only manage to go for a day trip yesterday ( Hari Malaysia). We drop off the plan to stay for a nite because for sure , all the hotel room will be fully booked due to the long stretch 3days holiday. If got , sure cost us a BOMB which Mummy hesitate to pay extra.

Actually its my 2nd time here. I was here before on the Raya Holidays (21/9/2009), but Mummy didnt blog it out. That time Mummy still got severe morning sickness and yet still wanna tag along. 

Shared here were the pictures taken on 21/9/2009.

enjoying longan and coconut drinks at the Longan Farm
But too bad , the farm closed down already when we
went there yesterday

Me, ( 3 yrs old that time)

this restaurant ( near the Lover's Bridge) was fully packed
due to the holiday, but we didnt dine here

Me & Daddy at Lover's Bridge

Beach again, but forgotten whats the name

We dine here instead, ( we came back here again yesterday)
forgot the name, something like Restaurant Asam( nearby roadside)

So back to yesterday trip, our 1st stop was here, the Ganofarm, mushroom cultivation farm. Nothing much interesting here, at least not for me.

After that , we straight went to this Pao shop to yum-cha. This shop is very famous for their mui-choy pao. If didnt make any reservation for take-away, you can only choose to dine-in. Yi-por did call them a day before to make the reservation, but too bad , the aunty said all fully booked wor.. so we just eat here, didnt bring any back.

After yum-cha, i keep on asking Mummy when we will reach the beach. I cant wait anymore....

Yeah, finally at the beach

the beach was clean

and not packed at all

busy digging for hermites

We spent almost 2 hrs here and get our body burned sun tanned. Time to move on again to have our late lunch at 3:30pm. We dine at the same restaurant but too bad no picture to share here. Mummy was too busy entertaining  attending to baby Iyson while we munching away our food.

On the way home, me and baby fall asleep. Guess we're too tired from running around....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Deworming 2

After 2 days of complaining stomach pain and waking everybody up in the middle of the nite, Mummy cant take it anymore. She apply for emergency leave today, and bundle me and baby( he was having cough and flu) to the Paed. 

while waiting for our turn. Do i look sick here??

playing with the educational toys(and can fight somemore)

Luckily Doctor said nothing serious, just have a bloated stomach with lots of wind. He prescribed Colimix syrup for wind and another bottle of cough & flu syrup. Before we came out from the room, Mummy didnt missed the chance to ask, whether i need deworming med coz the last time i have it was 2 years ago. The paed then said i can have it for the 2nd time.

Deworming syrup in choc flavour

Hmm, let me tried the taste first
erm, Mum, the taste a bit weird

But i did manage to finish it with a glass full of water.  Hopefully after this i wont complaining of stomach pain anymore coz Mummy is planning something for the coming holidays..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Size Upgrading

Barely after 9 months since my last upgrade, Mummy have to do the upgrading again...this round not only pyjamas , but for my wear at home tees too..

Most supported brand, JKIDS from Jusco...hehe

The price is reasonable, RM4.90 per pc ( but last time Mummy bought it at RM3.90, she assumed that price was for smaller size). Most importantly the tees was made by 100% cotton and very comfy to wear it anytime.

Try have a look at the size, 9-10 yrs old 

And this is my colorful pyjamas, also from JKIDS, my Mummy was a big fan of JUSCO...

And guess what's the size for this??

11-12 yrs old!!

My oh my, 11-12 yrs old for a 5 yrs old kiddo like me. Whats went wrong?? Blame it on the small cutting maybe??

Monday, September 12, 2011

Zipper Bag

During our last trip to Hatyai, Mummy bought this Pooh storage zipper bags from Tesco Lotus. Mummy never seen it in Tesco here. She bought a box which consist of 12 bags.

Wasnt it cute?? Mummy love it so much and 'ng ser tak' wanna use it. She kind of regretted why she didnt buy more that time, coz a box of this only cost less than RM5.

End up Mummy didnt use that and stuffed it back to the box. She takes out another zipper bag ( smaller in size, but Pooh prints also) to store this mini alphabets sandwich that she make.

Mummy use the biscuit cutter to cut the bread, and wasted sacrificed so many pieces of bread just to get this and yet im still complaining its not even enough for my morning snack session at kindy!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lonely Lonely Mid Autumn

Happy Mid Autumn... I know the actual day is tomorrow but i bet most of the families celebrated it today. Me this year no celebration.. yesterday went to the Paed coz i was having red eyes. And he said this was infectious. So i got quarantined at home and baby Iyson was immediately sent back to bbsitter house. Poor baby... 

Mummy have make some mooncakes last 2 weeks..

Baked version with corn paste

Non baked version - snow skin with corn paste

frozen version - choc ice cream mooncake
I cant even finish eating one snow skin mooncake, because the fillings was too much. And the choc ice cream mooncake , the choc coating was too thick, so i peeled of the skin and eat the ice cream only.

Mummy makes this last week for my teachers. They all said yummy..
snow skin mooncake with lotus and red bean paste

Por Por got ask Mummy to go back for dinner, but Mummy said NO, she didnt want to spread the red eyes virus to everyone. And Gu-gu was being so nice. she packed some foods for us and send over.

steamed chicken

fried baby arrow head with 'siu yuk' ( which i dont eat)

lotus root soup ( i didnt take either)

I dont have appetite for dinner tonite. I only take a few spoons of rice with herbal chicken soup which Mummy have boiled earlier. 

After dinner, Mummy let me play with candles, ( since we didnt buy any lanterns, so just lit up the candles, which i preferred more than playing lanterns..hehe)

Mummy did this for me

can see my name 'WYSON' ??

Mummy caught me burning this candle box

Thats how i spent my lonely mid autumn today...hope yours not as lonely as mine...