Thursday, September 22, 2011

Plastic Wrapper

Because of Mummy 'ng ser tak' to use the Pooh Zipper bag, she went around to find another similar bag that can be used to tapao my breakfast to school. At last she found it at Daiso, but its not a zipper bag, just a normal plastic wrapper but in Hello Kitty prints, which Mummy doesnt fancy but found it cute enough for me to bring it to school.

The Hello Kitty Plastic Wrapper

can see the prints clearly?? Hello Kitty riding on an elephant

the size just ngam-ngam, not too big or too small for my snack

then Mummy sealed it with fancy tape

tada, my snack wrapped nicely in this

And its quite cheap too, RM5 for 40 pcs.... ya, i know my Mummy not environment-friendly by using this kind of plastic, but it save alot of time from washing my lunch box...hehehe. And most importantly, its very convenient too...just simply pull out a plastic, put whatever thing you desired , then off you go..


  1. I pack Chloe's lunch in her lunch box, can recycle mah :)

  2. My son kindie include one snack time around 10.15am.... So far I never make any lunch box, or prepare anything for him.

  3. vic, kylie - i also got lunch box lah, but lazy to use, like i said need to wash after that...hehe

    angeline, my son kindie also got provide snack, lunch and tea time, but he complaint the food not enough or not nice..actually he saja2 wanna bring food from home lah, kononnya can show off to his friends...LOL..

  4. The bag is cute but a bit wasteful coz after use have to throw.

  5. oh very cute! i saw the plastic bags too but didn't get any :)