Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lonely Lonely Mid Autumn

Happy Mid Autumn... I know the actual day is tomorrow but i bet most of the families celebrated it today. Me this year no celebration.. yesterday went to the Paed coz i was having red eyes. And he said this was infectious. So i got quarantined at home and baby Iyson was immediately sent back to bbsitter house. Poor baby... 

Mummy have make some mooncakes last 2 weeks..

Baked version with corn paste

Non baked version - snow skin with corn paste

frozen version - choc ice cream mooncake
I cant even finish eating one snow skin mooncake, because the fillings was too much. And the choc ice cream mooncake , the choc coating was too thick, so i peeled of the skin and eat the ice cream only.

Mummy makes this last week for my teachers. They all said yummy..
snow skin mooncake with lotus and red bean paste

Por Por got ask Mummy to go back for dinner, but Mummy said NO, she didnt want to spread the red eyes virus to everyone. And Gu-gu was being so nice. she packed some foods for us and send over.

steamed chicken

fried baby arrow head with 'siu yuk' ( which i dont eat)

lotus root soup ( i didnt take either)

I dont have appetite for dinner tonite. I only take a few spoons of rice with herbal chicken soup which Mummy have boiled earlier. 

After dinner, Mummy let me play with candles, ( since we didnt buy any lanterns, so just lit up the candles, which i preferred more than playing lanterns..hehe)

Mummy did this for me

can see my name 'WYSON' ??

Mummy caught me burning this candle box

Thats how i spent my lonely mid autumn today...hope yours not as lonely as mine...


  1. Oh poor Wyson, dun worry you will have a great fun and celebration next year. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and speedy recovery ya.

  2. Mmm...yummy food. get well soon Wyson.

  3. Poor kid... speedy recovery to you ok!!

  4. Get well soon, Wyson! Then u'll be able to play with bb Iyson vy soon. Wah, Mommy so good at making mooncakes. So cute samo.

  5. thanks for all the wishes, but this little boy hor, dont know whats wrong, one after another the sickness came knocking at the door. No more red eyes, but now sick with indigestion pulak. Keep on complaining stomach pain..pening pening..