Sunday, July 31, 2011

Im On TV ...again...

Mummy thought this year she dont have the chance to video down the Disney Junior Birthday Book which features my picture. Usually we will received an envelope informing us that the photo we submitted have been chosen to appeared on the book. This year Mummy waited and waited till the last week of July but yet didnt received . So she concluded im not selected. I was a bit disappointed when i know i cant see my face on tv again..yet we will still stick in front of the tv everytime the birthday book shows.. who knows luck will be on us ler...when we're giving up , suddenly Mummy catch a glimpse of my picture in one of the slot... but too bad we didnt ready with our camera to record it..

Only left 3 days before month end, meaning that we still have 3 more days to wait for my picture to appeared again, if only it appeared... but we playing with lady luck this time...and hooray, Lady Luck was with us. Mummy managed to video it down  today during the last slot at 9pm...phew...*wipe sweat*

In case cannot spot me in the video, here's the clearer picture...

Thank you , Mummy for sending in my photo and not forgotten Disney Junior for selecting me 3rd year in a row...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 2 & Day 3


Day 2 ( 25/7/11)

After breakfast , we straight away start our journey to Kawah Putih Ciwidey ( dead volcano site).. The journey not that far but also needs 3 hours due to the terrible jam. Reach there already 11:30 am.. Our guide said we need to rent another small van to go up the hill..

our rented pinky mini van

Then up up we go...

the view was superb

Next, we stop at Tea plantation, nothing special though, just that Mummy falls in love with the blue blue sky..

the sky was so tempting.. the clouds just like cotton candy

We have our late lunch around 3pm.. everybody stomach was protesting already included mine.... our guide bring us to this special try out their Sundanesse food..

Mummy was so scared that i will fell down coz i was running

the Sundanesse food - SPICY , SPICY, SPICY

I only take some rice with the fish( after a round of cleansing the sambal by Mummy). Everybody complaining of the spicy-ness, but still wallap up coz too hungry..

By the time we finish lunch, it was 4:30pm and we need another 3 hrs to reach our home. Our guide thought of bringing us to somewhere else but we just refused. We wanna go back and rest...On our way back, it start raining heavily and most of the road was flooded. Meaning more jammed, the journey that needs 3 hrs now stretch to 4 hrs.. 

Our guide ask us what we want for dinner, we straight told him we want FAST FOOD..we cant tolerate all the spicy-ness that we force our stomach to digest.. He drives us to Paris Van Java..

at last, we're having KFC bento for dinner.. what a joke, right?
Thats the end of our day 2

Day 3 ( 26/7/11)

Today everybody wake up so restlessly.. included me.. i have no appetite to eat breakfast or drinking my morning milk. End up i go in the car with empty stomach..How wrong it proved to be..coz i vomited in the car
without any warning.. Our guide have to stop by the roadside to do cleanup.. 

Our destination was to Tangkuban Perahu ( another dead volcano.) Once we reach the peak, i feel so ALIVE. I can run here and there but im scared to go near the volcano site and look down.. im scared of HEIGHT..

Tangkuban Perahu

My first ever horse ride with my Yi-chong gung(grand uncle)

Why im not in the pic?? coz i was scared lor..u see so high 

Mummy have to hold me to reassured i wont fall down to the site

all of us, Por-por, Yi-por , Yi-chong gung

After this, lunch time again... this round our guide bring us to this Kampung Daun...

full with greens

at the entrance

dining in the hut again..

our food

when we're leaving , saw this beca
Selamat Jalan??

Since this is our last day, our tour guide wanna bring us to Pasar Baru... wholesale markets, just like Pratunam in Bangkok. Too bad, while having lunch, Por-por already feeling not well... so when we're on our way, she vomits in the car. Then follow by Yi-por....end up , the three of us stay in the car while Mummy, Daddy and Yi chong gung go down to have a short stroll. They buy nothing though.. After this we all headed back home hotel to rest. Mummy also start feeling nausea...We suspect all of us kena food poisoning...

At nite, Daddy have promised to meet up with his pen pal. Die-die also have to follow...sigh... i keep on complaining i wanna go back, coz i keep on throwing up in the car but not serious..everytime just abit of water..

luckily they have this kids play area

Daddy pen pal bring us to The Peak to have dinner.. we can view part of Bandung...after dinner, we quickly excuse ourselves ..Mummy still need to go back hotel and start packing our things. We're leaving tomorrow at the earliest flight , 6am...

Day 4 ( 27/7/11)

Goodbye Bandung....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back Home..

Finally back at our home sweet home yesterday.... And here's the updates on my trip. 

First Day ( 24/7/11)

As usual , after the plane take off,  i will recharge my battery ( napping)... after battery full, then i will start playing my PSP till we landed at around 11am. Oh, oh, i didnt mention right where im flying to?? Can see from the picture above?? That is the Bandara Husein Sastranegara Bandung Airport...

After we cleared from the Immigration ( need to queue for almost 40 mins, there were only 2 Immigration officers working), we straight headed to the exit hall. Mummy have booked the hotel ( actually more like a homestay) and they provided FREE transport from airport to hotel. Luckily there was this abang waiting for us with a board written MR IVY ( hahaha, they cant even tell IVY was supposed to be a GIRL name)..

We stay at Orange Homes Bandung..we booked the family room
which consist of 1 queen bed and 3 single beds

We reach our home after stuck in the traffic jam for more than 30 mins, whilst the hotel just few blocks away from the airport... Thats how bad the traffic here.. too many cars and people...

We refresh ourselves in our room before heading out for lunch.

Butter Prawns, Chilli Crab, Steamed Talapia & Steamed Chicken

Oyster Vege, and Yong Chow Fried Rice...
we have half a million dollar

The lunch was worth the money we paying for, coz it was so delicious except for the oversteamed chicken and overcooked vege.

After the late lunch, it was already 3pm.. too late to go for a scenery end up , we was driven to all the factory outlet available..till Mummy also forgotten the name, but did go to Rumah Mode, Champelas Walk and few more..

posing for Mummy while waiting for Por- por & Yi-por
at the factory outlet

Mummy didnt bought anything from the factory outlet.. spoilt for choices...end up she only bought this...

Peaslley beads inspiration book

Here they called it Hama beads and very famous toy i guess, coz can see it banner everywhere. But mind you, here they sell it way more expensive than Mummy bought from IKEA.. even this book cost me RP 91,000 @ RM 37.. Mummy not a very creative person, she cant think of how to arrange the beads become like this. So she bought this for her guidance and can copy bulat-bulat without twisting her brain...haha

We called it a day after the last stop at the Factory outlet. Before that we went for a local dinner but too bad Mummy was too busy negotiating with the buyers outside selling t-shirts and totally forgotten bout her dinner and picture...LOL

To be continued

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Im 5

Its my 5th Birthday
Happy Happy Birthday to Me, Me and Me

Some updates on myself :

My Weight : 29.4kg ( have shed off some weight after hospitalisation)

My Height : 114cm ( Mummy got a new height chart from Abbott)

My Skills :

- still coping with my alphabets and numbers
- can bath on my own
- sometimes will help out Mummy with the dishes 
- my imagination getting better and better ( even talks with my imaginary friends when im asleep)

We have a small birthday celebration at Kiu Por's house. Mummy thought wanna have a birthday bash at the kindy yesterday but too bad, we just got discharged the day before and we were all so tired. Mummy even drop her plan to bake me a birthday cake. She bought all the ingredients week before and was so looking forward to it. End up , we  just settled down with the cake that was supposed to bring to kindy.

My birthday cake from Secret Recipe - Choc Indulgence, my fav

and the menu for today :


chicken curry
grilled lamb chop

grilled squid

BBQ fishball

for dessert : fresh fruits salad

Choc Lollipop ( actually Mummy did this homemade lollipop for my  friends at kindy , since im still absent from school, end up we eat it)

And what for my present this year??

a boarding pass

Yup, am flying again tomorrow .... to where?? wait till i come back next week ya.... stay tuned....

Oh, oh, before i forget...... this year i was also selected in the Disney Junior Birthday Book...the 3rd year appearing on TV....hehehe..but too bad, Mummy didnt manage to record down the video this round.... the 1st was here and 2nd here..

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Sequel

It's started from this

Mummy notice that this few days i was having an unusual running nose. Why unusual? Coz the skin below my nose start peeling and she can see a few red spots. She knows something not right. And hence to the Paed we went. ( we went there on Monday) After checking , i was having a very high fever too. Paed suggest maybe i need admission but Mummy just said for the time being, she dont think its necessary. So off to home and Mummy start giving me all this med. During nite time, the fever keep on coming back eventhough i've been fed with Ibuprofen every 4 hrs. And i even talk and giggling all by myself. Mummy feels scary seeing me like this.

and ended like this

Ok, finally i was being admitted on Tuesday morning after Mummy consult from the Paed. I was asked to go to the X-ray room to scan my nose. Paed wanna confirmed whether my sinus was really that bad. Then a round of blood testing. As usual they need to poke so many times to find the right place to insert the valve when doing the dressing.

The result, am having a very bad sinus plus tonsillitis and need antibiotic administration thru IV. When i said bad, its really really BAD.

Like a drip marathon, one after another ...hahaha

Oh, by the way, did i mentioned in my whole life i've never been on a wheel chair?? So when i was asked to sit on it, i was like ' Oh, great , can move around without even need to walk..'

Showing my antiques here.... Mummy cant stop laughing seeing all this pose...

Despite all the pain, i still can bring some cheers for Mummy. Pity her , because of me, she have to stay in the hospital. She hates staying here coz it was both our second home.( Ya, we've been checking in here regularly :-(  , )

Hi, Mummy, see i can move around without the drip

Enjoying Disney Channel while waiting for the drip to finish

My 'killer' pose...hahaha
Mummy ask for home leave after spending one night there. She just couldnt stand the stiffness of the bed that makes her back ache. But that comes with a condition, that is we must come back every morning at 8am and stay till 10pm for the last drip. At least , Mummy feels better at nite sleeping at her 'dog nest'( as what she referred to her bed,LOL)..

After staying here for 3D3N, at last i can discharged. We got to rush for something else, thats why Mummy keep on telling my Paed, please make sure we can leave before Friday. So our wish granted, we 'checking out' on yesterday nite.

Everybody feels so tensed up and Mummy even falls sick when taking care of me. But when seeing me getting better each day, she feels so blessed at the same time.