Monday, July 4, 2011

Mandarin Class

After 6 months attending the Mental Arithmetic class, Mummy decided to call it quit. The reason was, im not able to catch up on the homework given. I need to finish 4 pages of the exercises within 1 week. And the funniest part was, i dont even know how to use the abacus. After full consideration and some feedback from the Principal, Mummy concluded , Im still not ready to be in the class.

Not only the M.A class, Mummy even stop my Art Class. Reason given was, i've already attended this class for 1 1/2 years, but she still cant see my improvement in coloring. It was a waste of time and money and yet i learned nothing. 

Mummy dont wanna push me to do something that i dont like, coz end up will have negative result like this. She thought im not interested with numbers and colors, maybe i will show interest in Language class. So she enrolled me to the Mandarin class eventhough the class have started for 6 months already.

Today im having my 1st session. And i was given a folder that contains this books plus a CD.

This was how i write the chinese characters..Mummy cant comment much coz she also dont know how to write....hahaha

When Mummy fetch me from school today, i told her i enjoyed this class very much and how i wish can attend it every day...( oh boy, oh boy, Mummy will wait and see for how long you can said this, LOL but i do hope he really like it this time)

And this was the extra homework that Mummy given to me, NUMBERS..

Overall, Mummy was satisfied with my improvement. Hopes i can continue to do better and makes you proud, Mummy.


  1. Mental arithmetic is not easy lo. Even me, cannot grasp the concept of the abacus! Glad that he's enjoying his Mandarin classes now. At least it is something that he likes.

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