Saturday, July 23, 2011

Im 5

Its my 5th Birthday
Happy Happy Birthday to Me, Me and Me

Some updates on myself :

My Weight : 29.4kg ( have shed off some weight after hospitalisation)

My Height : 114cm ( Mummy got a new height chart from Abbott)

My Skills :

- still coping with my alphabets and numbers
- can bath on my own
- sometimes will help out Mummy with the dishes 
- my imagination getting better and better ( even talks with my imaginary friends when im asleep)

We have a small birthday celebration at Kiu Por's house. Mummy thought wanna have a birthday bash at the kindy yesterday but too bad, we just got discharged the day before and we were all so tired. Mummy even drop her plan to bake me a birthday cake. She bought all the ingredients week before and was so looking forward to it. End up , we  just settled down with the cake that was supposed to bring to kindy.

My birthday cake from Secret Recipe - Choc Indulgence, my fav

and the menu for today :


chicken curry
grilled lamb chop

grilled squid

BBQ fishball

for dessert : fresh fruits salad

Choc Lollipop ( actually Mummy did this homemade lollipop for my  friends at kindy , since im still absent from school, end up we eat it)

And what for my present this year??

a boarding pass

Yup, am flying again tomorrow .... to where?? wait till i come back next week ya.... stay tuned....

Oh, oh, before i forget...... this year i was also selected in the Disney Junior Birthday Book...the 3rd year appearing on TV....hehehe..but too bad, Mummy didnt manage to record down the video this round.... the 1st was here and 2nd here..


  1. Happy belated birthday, Wyson! Your birthday is always so happening... got party and holiday :) The Jungle Junction cake is very nice too!

  2. You're one lucky boy! The cake is very unique! Happy belated birthday ya!

  3. Happy belated Birthday! Wow, mommy is so handy can even make choc lolli, kudos! You are certainly a lucky child, going to HK Disneyland? Have fun and enjoy!

    P/S: Thx for participating in the Fisher-Price contest! This round the toys are actually mean for newborn and babies, perhaps you may take part in the coming contest which are mean for older kids! You entry is counted anyway. ;D

  4. thank you for the bday wishes..

    aunty HL, this year not so happening. I didnt get the chance to celebrate at kindy:-(

    aunty hayley, am back oledi from my trip.. Will update later;-)

    aunty alice, no ler, not going to disneyland..already been there 2yrs ago..hehe, this round we going somewhere nearby..
    *trying my luck joining the contest. See can win something or not for my baby brother..