Saturday, October 30, 2010

Parent- Teacher's Day

Today was the Parent-Teacher's Day for the second semester. Mummy and Daddy was invited to collect my Progress Report and to communicate( or complaint) with my class teacher, Ms Wong.

Overall, im showing improvement by each semester (if not worsened , at least maintained...hehehe)

My social and emotional development, mostly fair Average

My language development ( can see got improvement, from Poor to Average)

My cognitive(learning through thought, experience and senses) development. Teacher complaint i have very poor concentration in class, simple little thing can distract my attention and not very good in memorizing

Motor development (mostly fair Good)

And my attendance ( so many days ponteng bcoz of holidaying and not forgetting when im sick)

And this was what my teacher comment :

My class picture

Overall, Mummy quite satisfied with my this term improvement. She doesnt expect me to be the most brilliant or the most outstanding student. She just wants me to enjoy my school days without pressure.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

DIY Photo Frame

Last week, when Mummy went to Tesco for groceries shopping, this pinky box caught her attention. She stop there for awhile and decided to put this into the trolley.

Today, she brings it out and asked me to do this craft together with her. So what is this?? It was a DIY mosaic photo frame. Mummy thought this was cute , and i can at least spend a few hours on this, testing my patience, ok..

When opened up, inside got hundreds pieces of small marbles. And it was so colorful. Mummy let me sticks a few on the frame, and decided it was too tough for me. Actually it was Mummy who dont wanna let me do it. She said i paste cincai cincai wor. She wants a perfect frame.

So i was asked to sit aside while Mummy finish doing the frame by her ownself. She said it was not easy task , the marbles was too small , and Mummy having difficulty to paste it on the right position. She spend almost 2 hrs just to finish this 2 small photo frames.

But the end result..... NICE, after Mummy put the photos of us and place it together with the other frames. Now Mummy have a corner dedicated for ' The Wall of Fames'.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Mummy very 1st attempt to do bento. After seeing and reading all her friend doing bento for their kids, Mummy also wanna show off her not much talent in preparing, cooking and decorating skills....

Tada, the most simple bento, Instant Mee( yup, read it right, Maggi...hehe) , sausages in penguin cut( cannot see clearly) a rabbit shape omelette ( see, only 2 rabbit got 'tomato' eyes, the rest Mummy so lazy to do) and an out of shape (star shape) hard boiled egg.

Not bad lah for the 1st time... i did finish the mee, sausages and the hardboiled egg.

Monday, October 18, 2010

2nd time

Gosh, i never fail to give Mummy surprises. Today when Mummy was getting ready to work, she came to check on me while im still dreaming in slumberland. To Mummy horror, she sees my face was covered with blood that already dried up, both my hands , my pyjamas , pillowcase , bedsheet and comforter also got blood stain.

She quickly wakes me up, then only notice that my nose also got driep up blood, meaning my nose bleeding again when im asleep. Mummy helps me to clean up my face and hands. I was crying badly coz the blood stain not easy to clean and Mummy have to scrub abit.

Then to the hospital we went. Eventhough we get no.2 in queue, we waited for almost 2 hours. The paed was busy with the in-house patients. While waiting, I do some performance to entertain my Mummy and Daddy.. Then only Mummy notice i can do the 'victory' sign.... Mummy was so happy and said she must snap a pic of it...Dont blame my Mummy ya, coz all this while im having difficulty to pose the 'V' sign...hahaha

Ok, now its our turn to see the Paed. He checks my nose and found nothing but just some swollen part. He told Mummy the nostril area is very sensitive and no need to clean every day. He knows Mummy got a habit to clean my nose after spraying the salt water with cotton bud. Its all started after i have this procedure.

It(nose bleeding) happened twice in a week time, so Mummy thought it must be very serious. According to the Paed, that infected area not yet recovered from the last bleeding, and Mummy triggered it again by cleaning it. So it makes situation worsened. He advised Mummy to temporarily stop cleaning my nose. He prescribed some medicines, flu and for nose allergic.

Mummy only got chance to snap my pillowcase stained with blood. She was too panic when she sees my face covered with blood and dont have the heart to snap pic.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Basket Fun

When i see baby Iyson was having so much fun in the basket, i also dont want to miss out. I told Mummy i also want to sit inside the basket. But she keep telling me, the basket was way too small for me and , even if i can get inside,for sure i cant sit down.

See, baby Iyson so happy in the basket.

So when izzit will be my turn?? I keep on pastering Mummy for my turn. At last Mummy give in and let me hop inside the basket.

Can see or not?? i still can fit in the basket but was just having minor problem, i cant sit down... Mummy just hope i wont break the basket...hahaha

End up , Mummy said i was too big for the tiny winy basket, and i was just allowed to hold it while baby Iyson sitting inside...

Ok, so this time u win, Baby stop showing me that victory look...

Mummy : Oh boy, oh boy.... my 2 lovely boys...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bloody shirt

When Mummy came back from work just now, Daddy told her i've got nose bleeding today at kindy. Mummy didnt know how serious was it until she takes out the shirt from my bag to wash. She's not only seeing 1 shirt covered with blood , but 2.

She immediate grab her hp and calls my principal to get further details about this. My principal said , it happened so suddenly. I have just woke up from my afternoon nap and getting ready to have snack. All of a sudden, got blood start dripping down from my nose. I was too shock seeing this and not able to move. Teacher Sunita quickly comes to my aid. She put a tissue to stop the bleeding , get me cleans up and changed. After i changed, thought can settled down with my snack, then it start to drip again. This time , teacher Sunita get me an ice-pack, and let me lie down. Then changed for the 2nd time.

This was my 1st time encounter nose bleeding. And im as shock as Mummy. Hopefully wont happened again in the near future....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Balik Kampung Trip

Yesterday just came back from a week balik kampung trip. Its the 2nd time in this year. The first was early of this year.

Nothing much different , just that last trip Mummy went back with a big belly. And now, we went back with baby Iyson.

Basically, i was a frequent flyer. So i wont make a big fuss everytime i travel but Mummy just need to make sure my time was occupied with alot of activities. This round i was allowed to bring my gameboy and portable dvd player.

Came back again to this Underwater World at USM

Nothing much to do this round, except for shopping and eat non stop.... and Daddy even commented i have gained at least a kg during my 1 whole week here.