Sunday, October 24, 2010

DIY Photo Frame

Last week, when Mummy went to Tesco for groceries shopping, this pinky box caught her attention. She stop there for awhile and decided to put this into the trolley.

Today, she brings it out and asked me to do this craft together with her. So what is this?? It was a DIY mosaic photo frame. Mummy thought this was cute , and i can at least spend a few hours on this, testing my patience, ok..

When opened up, inside got hundreds pieces of small marbles. And it was so colorful. Mummy let me sticks a few on the frame, and decided it was too tough for me. Actually it was Mummy who dont wanna let me do it. She said i paste cincai cincai wor. She wants a perfect frame.

So i was asked to sit aside while Mummy finish doing the frame by her ownself. She said it was not easy task , the marbles was too small , and Mummy having difficulty to paste it on the right position. She spend almost 2 hrs just to finish this 2 small photo frames.

But the end result..... NICE, after Mummy put the photos of us and place it together with the other frames. Now Mummy have a corner dedicated for ' The Wall of Fames'.


  1. haha mommy wanna prefect ya, nvm go ask her buy 2D sticker for you to deco the photo frame. Very nice she did it.

  2. Hou leng ah! How much is it? Only 2 frames inside?

  3. Nicely done! Poor boy, mommy din allow u to "play" with it. hehehe