Friday, July 30, 2010

My Last Birthday Gift

Yeah, my last birthday gift received. Guess from who?? It was from Playhouse Disney, an envelope containing 2 sheets of stickers and a congrats note. My photo was also chosen to appear in their birthday book.

Last year ive been selected too. Because Mummy received the envelope in the 1st week of July, so she got a chance to record down the video. But for this round, the envelope only reach on the 3rd week. Hence, Mummy dont have enough time to stand by in front of the tv with her camera. Without much delay, Mummy looks for help. She called up Aunty Hwei Li and ask a favor from her. So now it was Aunty Hwei Li turn to stand in front of her tv and wait patiently for me to appear. And she got it at last, a big thanks to Chloe's Mummy for helping my Mummy to record down.

So now, lets enjoy the video

Thursday, July 29, 2010

To Be Continued...

Yes, the fever continued till yesterday. A total of 5 days at home with few trips to the hospital. Its all started on Saturday evening, just right after my birthday party. So, Mummy just look for a nearby clinic. The doctor suspected maybe i have throat infection. Why suspected?? coz the doctor only can see from the outside of my mouth, i wont allowed her to put in the 'stick' into my mouth. She prescribed fever med and antibiotic. On that night, i cant have a good night sleep. I keep on mumbling and was like sleep talking. Mummy and Daddy was quite worry.

So the next morning, again we went to hospital to see my paed. We wasted 3 hours there just to wait for our turn. The paed check and said my fever still high. He gives another fever med, Ibuprofen and antibiotic, Augmentin.

Mummy thought after having this med, my fever will stop. But she was wrong. On Monday, I was rushed to A&E , 5am in the morning after my temperature shoot up to 40.1. The locum have to insert Diclofenac to bring down my fever. Mummy was praying hard that i wont be asked to be admitted.

Luckily the doctor said i just need to be monitored for 2 days at home. If im still having high fever , then i need to go for a blood test on wednesday. Mummy took emergency leave to take care of me.

Even when im sick, im still my usual self, Wyson the Menace. Mummy was busy with houseworks, when suddenly she notice got 2 parts lying on the floor. She was wondering what was it and go to have a closer look.

Mummy was so shock when she see this. She dont know how i did this but she know im capable of doing it. Geng mou??? Somemore i told Mummy the wheels can turn into a hammer and i used it to bang on the wall.

Seeing this, Mummy concluded , im well enough and she can go back to work the next day. But daddy still worry, so i was sent to Yi-por house on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Today , finally i went back to kindy. And i just missed my school days.... not the teachers or my friends, coz today is Bubbles day at kindy. Each kid was allowed to bring their own bubbles set to play there. Didnt i said before i just love BUBBLES???

Mummy hopes my fever will just stop here and wont be continued for another episode....*touch wood*..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Party at McD

Today i have another joint birthday celebration with Darren at McD, Prima Saujana Kajang. Our birthday was just 5 days apart, mine on 23rd and Darren on the 28th.

We went there as early as 11:30am coz the party have to start on time. We have exactly 1.5 hours for the party time that is from 11:30am-1:00pm. But to Mummy dismay, the Malaysian style punctuality was nothing to be proud of. The earliest guest came at 11:30am, that's Mummy colleague. But she also left around 12pm(actually she's on the way back to kampung, so she drop by). The time she left, other guests still havent arrived yet.

Even Yi-yi and Darren also came in late , around 12pm. Then 12:30pm, one by one start showing up. We even have guests turning up at 1pm. The party co-ordinator doesnt looks abit happy about that and keep coming in to give signal, time's up.

Despite the late arrival of guests , i still enjoy to the fullest. While Mummy was busy chatting and entertaining the guests, i help myself with a large cup of coke, a packet of fries and nuggets.

Lets see what's in the house....

Mummy ordered 2 cakes for me today, 1 from Secret Recipe, same design like yesterday but different flavour(choc banana) and a Mickey Mouse Jelly Cake as dessert.

While waiting for the guests to arrive, im having fun with all the balloon

A picture of Daddy and Mummy with Birthday boy

Wearing the mask

Time for blowing candles and cutting cake

My family and Yi-yi's family

We have our party wrapped up about 1:30pm and everybody went home happily, except me. I was having high fever and ended up seeing a doctor. What a day!!!!

p/s - Not much photos compared to my last year birthday celebration bcoz now Mummy have to take care of Baby Iyson

Friday, July 23, 2010

Birthday Party at Kindy

Like previous year, Mummy have plan to make a birthday party at kindy for this year celebration. Bcoz of Mummy busy schedule now(have to look after baby Iyson), so she decided to make things simple. No more party bags but just chocolates(Kit-Kat 2 fingers) wrap with a custom-made bday wrapper.

Mummy have choosen 3 themes( my most fav cartoon characters, Mr Bean, Shaun the Sheep and Upin & Ipin) for the wrappers design.

Front view

Back view

Ready to be distributed to all my friend

This was the cake Mummy ordered from Secret Recipe, (choc indulgence, my all times fav) with my own print( Shaun the Sheep, my most fav cartoon). Mummy forgot to remind the shop to include candles( they supposed to provide isnt it, got people buy birthday cake without birthday candles???) and mistake happened. When teacher opened up the box, no candles were found. She was kind enough to look around in the kitchen and luckily she found 1. But im 4 years old today, doesnt it mean i need to blow 4 candles? Eventhough not that satisfy, but im still settle with 1 candle.

Maybe teacher noticed im not that happy with 1 candle, she go and search again, hopefully can find more candles so that i wont feel dissapointed on my birthday. Tada, teacher was great. She did found it and i got to blow candles for the 2nd time, 4 candles...

After the cake session, time for me to become Santa Claus. I carried the basket and walk from 1 class to another class just to give choc to my classmates.

4 years old class

5 years old class

6 years old class

Some of them still wanna choose which theme they want


Everyone was so happy with their chocs

With some of my friends and teachers....

Im really happy today and i cant wait for tomorrow, another celebration is waiting for me....

Im 4

I am exactly 4 years old today. Happy happy birthday to me........

Some updates on myself :

-Height : I have already exceeded the max 105cm from the height chart, so probably 107/108cm

-Weight : 24kg++ (oh gosh, am that heavy??)

-Can recognize most of the alphabets and numbers( abit slow than the peers of same age, some of my friends can already recite from A-Z)

-Have improvement in my coloring and writing(thats what Mummy wants to see)

-Can understand very well of the facts and results : eg

1) When daddy commented why i run so slow on my previous sport event, i told him ' Daddy, if i run very slow, how can i get the 1st place? I should have ended at the last'..

2) When Mummy said why im so heavy (keep on piling up on my weight), i told her ' Mummy, i finished my rice everyday,thats why..'

Still in moody mode, just wake up

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fruit Party

On Monday, Mummy received a message from kindy that today we will be having Fruit Party. Actually its more to a learning cum having fun session with fruits.

Mummy suggested i bring either apple or orange, it's ready stock in the fridge. But i said i want banana. Mummy ok with it and was thinking to buy at the pasar malam near her workplace yesterday. But too bad, it rains heavily in the evening and Mummy too lazy to go to a super wet pasar malam.

When Mummy told me to just settle with orange , I told her i already got other fruit in mind. Try and guess what i told Mummy till she got a shock.

Jeng, jeng , jeng....

Yes, durian..... Mummy was so shock till she call my principal at 10:30pm to ask whether durian was allowed for the fruit party. Luckily the answer was YES...

Mummy was surprised too why i choose durian coz i dont fancy it and cant even stand the smell. I will run away whenever Mummy ask me to taste durian. I guess maybe now its the season, and everywhere near the roadside also can see people selling durian. I was just following the trend...hehehe

Me and my durian

So today , Daddy sent me to kindy with a big plastic bag full with durian. After the party, Mummy calls to kindy to find out whether i got taste the durian. As expected, the teacher said i prefer big orange than durian. I guess durian still not my cup of tea....

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Header for Me

Mummy said its time to change a new header for my blog. Why?? Coz i will be turning 4 this Friday. For this purpose , she stay awake till 1am this morning just to compile and finish it.

And the result??? I simply love it....thanks Mummy for ur hardwork...

It consist of my every month pic from the day i was born till now....

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Early Birthday Pressie

I already got my 1st birthday gift eventhough still got 2 more weeks before the actual day. See how happy am i with my latest toy, a Nintendo game boy.

Thanks to my Gung-gung and Por-por for buying me this. At first, Por por wanna buy a PSP, but after seeing how Brandon struggling with it everytime wanna plays, Por por conclude im still too young for a PSP. If she buy also, then Mummy will get headache.

But im still satisfy with what i've got, can keep me occupy every nite before i went to sleep.

Thank you, Gung- gung and Por-por.............. and dont forget KIV my PSP ya for my next birthday...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Art Works

Its been 6 months now since Mummy enrol me for Art Class. For a fees of RM35, once a week, 1.5 hours. Mummy saves her time looking for extra classes coz my kindy got offered a few, eg: Music and Dancing, Arithmethic, Language and Arts.
Since im a full day student, after my afternoon nap then only i attend class at 3:3opm till 5:oo pm. So far, Mummy still satisfied with the effort i put in.
Just to share some of my artworks here....