Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bouncing Back In Action!

Hello all....

Ya, ya, i know, this blog have been left untouched for almost a month now...Thanks to Mummy busy schedule. Baby Iyson have been back with us starting early of this month. Previously, he only back with us on weekend. Mummy havent adjusted herself to this changes yet thus all her time go haywire...hahaha

My Taiwan trip, Mummy havent finish update yet. And now, she going to speed up her time to update our recently Chiangmai trip.


During the 2 weeks school holidays, Mummy didnt managed to apply for leave. So I still go to school everyday :-(. When school reopens, I've got to spend my holidays. We went for a 5D4N trip to Chiangmai from 12/6 till 16/6..

Stay tune for my updates on this ya...Adiosssss