Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Birthday Party

Today, Mummy said we will be attending another birthday dinner. This time was for baby Ethan's 1st birthday.
Jamie yi yi already book a room equipped with karaoke for the dinner. We're the 1st to reached there. And i was so bored waiting for everybody to come, and i keep looking at the window, in case i see any of them.

I've waited and waited and waited till my face also like this. And i was scared too coz Daddy sings the karaoke too loud.

Then Mummy came to my rescue. She plays with me and stop Daddy from singing. Instead she asked Daddy to take photo for us.

After a while, everybody was here. Dinner started , i quickly finish off my meal so that i can play with Brandon and Yvonnie. Ethan still cant walk steadily yet, so he can only see us play while sitting on his high chair.

Lastly, we all gathered and sing birthday song. Ethan was so happy seeing his birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Baby Ethan.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


After came back from the trip, i was down with terrible flu and cough. So today Mummy bring me to the nearest clinic to see doctor. When Mummy was there, she notice about the deworming ad, so she asked the doctor about it.

Doctor advised the med can be taken after 2yrs old. Yeah, so i can take this med coz im almost 3 yrs in a few more months.

Actually im more interested with the deworming med , i've never taken this kind of med before. Plus it was in banana & vanilla flavour.

Once we reached home, i quickly asked Mummy to feed me this. I cant wait for Mummy to look for a spoon, so i just grabbed the bottle from her and straight away drink from it.

Oh boy, it does taste good and delicious...

I still want some more, some more...

When Mummy seeing me like this, she just shakes her head and laughs...

p/s - Mummy didnt see any worms in my stool after i consumed this, so i must be really really FREE from worms..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just pictures....during my trip


Taking the ferry

Taking the MRT

Doing pole dancing, but due to excessive fat, cannot climb up..

Breaking the rules ( by eating ice cream inside the MRT)

Riding a 'real' Ferrari Car


For more of my disneyland trip pictures, pls click here. And the rest of my trip, here.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Just Loves to Dance

I was so into the mood of dancing when i heard this. We were waiting for the fireworks show at Disneyland, and they have this music on before the show started.

I just fling, dance, tap, swing, swirl and enjoy to the fullest. Even Mummy cant resist not to video it down.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Im here...

Finally im here, our 1st destination, Macau...
Am so excited seeing all the people and places, but most important was , I no need go to school..yippie...

After check in the hotel, without delaying, Mummy & Daddy bring me to the nearest bus stop. Yes, we're taking the bus to Taipa Square. Too bad the weather not so nice, it was drizzling on the whole day.

Ruins of St Paul

The famous fountain

And this was the 1st meal I had here , not other than McDonald, yummy, yummy

After Taipa Square, we went back to hotel. Im so tired , and have a long nap before we going to our next stop, the Venetian.

At the hotel lobby, while waiting for the shuttle to come.

Mummy insisted i take picture here with all the 'unique' doll. It looks scary to me though.. i wont want them to follow me home..scared , scared..

Our next stop, Hong Kong, im coming....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Im Ready To Fly

Hooray, I've been telling everybody im going to Hong Kong since the day i came back from Sabah... Eventhough, i dont know where and what is HK, but im sure it will be full of fun. Thats what Mummy told me. She said she will bring me to Disneyland, thats the main purpose of this trip actually.

So this few days , Mummy were so busy packing up things for me. She's scared if she left out anything, our trip will be spoiled.

Here is my luggage and im all ready to fly....

p/s - see u all next week, i will be away from this thursday till next tuesday..

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Birthday Party to Attend

Today Brandon will be celebrating his 6th birthday, 4 days earlier than his actual day. In fact Yiyi didnt plan to hold any party for Brandon, but just that Mummy knows i like to attend party and i love birthday cake. So she 'force' Yiyi to have one for Brandon at Pizza Hut. Thats my Mummy....hehehe

Im already get myself changed and ready for party...

But as usual, Mummy is delaying our journey....

Mummy, faster get in the car, we're late for the party...

Yippie, we're on the way.....( to be actual, daddy just reversing his car from the car porch)

Our usual 'routine' now, whenever we inside the car...
We did reach at Pizza Hut, but a bit late, 1:30pm, and they have all started to feast on the food..
I wanna wish "Happy Birthday, Brandon gor gor"

Monday, March 9, 2009

My New Property

When everybody was busy talking about recession, economic downturn , i think this is the best time to invest in property. With the interest rate getting lower & lower(how i know about this? Mummy and Daddy always have discussion on this recently) , i just cant seem find a reason not to invest in one.

After a round of searching and comparing , at last , i settled down with this one. Eventhough it just a single storey, but it fits me perfectly. And its very very cheap too and the best offer in town. I've only need to do minor renovation on it and tada.... the house is ready for occupancy.

Welcoming you all to my new house..

Just come in and have a look, got nothing to serve though.. a bit paiseh..

When im busy exploring with my new house, Mummy still insist taking picture, so this is what she get, a disgruntled face from me.

So, wont u also want to invest in this???

Time For A Change

New year , new change, so im just following the trend...hehehe

This year , Mummy decided to change a few things for me, for better of course.

Firstly , was my car seat, quite new actually coz just bought on Aug last year. And this was my 1st car seat too.

Why change? coz Mummy said I have outgrown of it. The shoulder strap already too low and my head almost over the seat.

At last, Mummy decided to change to this booster seat last month. Quite big and bulky and I dont like it compared to my previous one. So most of the time i will still sit on Mummy lap. (Mummy scratching her head for her wrong decision). But if my mood is good, i will sit quietly , just like this.

Secondly, was my milk powder. I have consumed this soya based milk since im 1 year old. And im getting bored of the taste and most of the time i cant even finish my 6oz milk.

After i tried Darren milk powder, i told Mummy its smell good and taste nice. I wanna change to this. So Mummy left with no choice, and start stocking up on this.

# Mummy still wondering how she's going to dispose of the 10 cans Isomil that she stock up earlier, and now she already stocking up on Pediasure, so far , I've counted already got 5 cans.

Lastly, was my swimsuit. Newly bought and only wear for few times. And the last time i wear was on my Sabah trip last month.

Im so happy swimming together with my cousins.

But due to some accident, Mummy also dont know why the clorox can get into the washing machine and bleach my swimsuit. And it become like this.

Mummy said the stains so unbearable and it looks so ugly with the uneven and fading colors. So time to said goodbye and welcoming my new set of swimwear.

How i feel about the changes?? Of course feeling good but i missed my previous car seat the most.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My All Times Favourites

I loves to eat snack, let it be chocolates, biscuits or crackers. So Mummy will keep stock some of my favourites at home. But lately, Mummy having difficulties to buy all these snacks. Each time we went to Jusco, the rack will be empty , with the message out of stock. And when it happened, i have to live without my fav snacks.

When we go back Sabah, Mummy can easily find and buy all the snacks that i like. As usual, Mummy will buy more and more and more to keep. So from nowon , i can start feasting with my snacks again. Oh, my, i just loves the feel.... but i just cant imagine when stocks running low, can we get it from here instead all the way from Sabah??

Boro biscuits

Morinaga Marie Biscuit

Meiji Yan Yan Chocs Stick

And not forgetting this, 'clear soup' alphabets macaroni. According to Mummy, this also hard to get , only can bought from Cold Storage, and the nearest one at MidValley.

Oh, i just loves this fork. Mummy bought it from Daiso(similar to 100Yen shop, but Mummy find Daiso selling more quality stuffs and offered more choices). And its look cute too. Just nice for my small finger to hold.

I Have Grown Up So Much

Last week i followed Mummy go back to hometown, Sabah. I 've been here for umpteen times but i still look forward for this trip. I feel so happy when can board on the plane. I cant wait to see my Poh poh , Gung gung and 2 Jiu jiu.

And most of all, i missed all the toys that Darren(my cousin brother) have. Especially the yellow tricycle. Last year, when im here, i still dont know how to fight for it. But not anymore this year, I will just push away who get near the tricycle.

This pic was taken last year . Can u see the honk still there?? And i still can smiles happily.

And this was the latest photo. Can notice the honk gone missing. But i still like it very much.

And Mummy said i have grown up so much, coz last time i still cant paddle but now im speeding on it....hahaha

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Camera Shy

Once a while , when my mood comes , when i dont want to face the camera, when i dont want to look at Mummy, this is what i will do. Every time works fine for me. And makes Mummy laughs too.

My many faces...

At last , a good shot for Mummy...