Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My 1st LRT ride

Today Mummy still on leave, so she decided to go to SOGO. Since im now also on school holidays, i got the chance to tag along and have my first LRT ride.

Yi-poh drop us at Salak Selatan station, and from here to SOGO(Bandaraya station) only need 5 stops.

Im so happy when i see an LRT coming on the other side. And keep on asking when will our LRT come... sudah tak sabar-sabar...haha

And when it was our turn to board the LRT, i climb up on the seat to have a better view outside

I was excited and thrill seeing so many people inside the train. And when it was our turn to exit the train, i feel so reluctant.. i still wanna sit on it. Till Mummy said, when we finish with our shopping, we will take this LRT again, then only i moved my butt...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Holiday 2010

Last year we have a very plain xmas celebration. So for this year, Mummy wanna make some difference. Since this year, we got baby Iyson to celebrate together, Mummy plan for a short getaway.

Mummy came up with this plan last minute, thus we have to paid quite a hefty sum for this coz it was a super peak season. But it was worth the money paid..

We booked The Legends International Water Homes for a 2D1N(24-25/12) stay. Our room was on the 8th floor , with private swimming pool. It have 2 king size bed and it was so spacious.

Upper left : Our room , with 2 king size bed Upper right : so spacious

Bottom left : Our private pool Bottom right : view from the 8th floor

Can see the spot i standing there? Thats my 'black spot'. I fall into the pool the next morning while trying to get the ball. Mummy was sitting by the door side carrying baby Iyson. She got a shock, and dont know what to do, she just dump baby on the bed and came to my rescue with her pyjamas on. But she was surprised seeing me keeping my head up to breath. At least i didnt panic but i scared the hell out of Mummy.

For 2 days, i only sit on the side, play with water gun. I dont even move my butt. Im scared of the pool coz it was 4ft deep. Mummy said im so lauyah.

After we check out, we have a short stroll at the Water Chalets. The view was superb. Before we left, a family photo for remembrance...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Camp

Eventhough its school holidays now, but i still go to kindy as usual. But no formal lessons teach, just activities. Mummy enrolled me for this art camp held on 9/12/10, includes of t-shirt painting and sewing pencil box.

And this was the end result. Not bad huh for a 4 yrs old kid?? But as usual Mummy doubt it was not done by me. Coz the painting was too 'clean' and the sewing was too neat. Ok lah, teacher got give some helping hand for the painting and sewing.

Friday, December 10, 2010

My Style

Mummy really love the way i finished my food. I wont waste a single grain of rice, a strand of mee or a piece of meat. I will totally cleans out my plate , just like this...

This is my style of eating and daddy too. He's the one that teach me , we have to finish everything on the plate. Like father, like son..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brotherly Time

No words can describe how lovingly we are

We hugs

We shout

We stare

And we laugh

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My 1st Fine Dining

Yesterday was my 1st time ever went for a fine dining. If its not FREE( thank to Gu-gu bosses, they give a wedding treat for all the staff and family members to celebrate Gu-gu's big day) , i doubt Mummy or Daddy will bring me there.

We parked our car at Berjaya Times Square( my 1st time here also) and have some early xmas photos taken before we walked over to Federal Hotel.

Ya, all this pressies was mine, only if it's REAL...hahaha

Snow man

And , here we are... Bintang Revolving Restaurant

Malaysia first revolving restaurant, offers an evening of fine dining with a spectacular view of the KL City's skyline.

Actually im more interested with the 360-Degree moving platform than the foods. I didnt fancy western cuisine except for the fries.. and i keep on asking whether they will serve RICE, which they dont.

Some of the food that we have, Wild Mushroom Soup, Grilled Lobster with Cheese, Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce and Raw Salad...

An eye opener for me and a nightmare for Mummy. She keep on shouting and scolding me coz i just cant sit still at my place and keep running around.. which makes Mummy swears she will never ever bring me here again..