Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Belated Gifts

Yesterday Mummy gave me a surprise when i came back from kindy. She said she still owe me my birthday present. Im totally forgotten about it. But Im indeed very surprised when i saw this. It was a new swimming pool that im begging for ages to replace the old one( which i have outgrown long long time ago)

Me and my new pool ( fun or not seeing the accessories attached together??)

Having a great splashing time

As always, Mummy being so kiasi, will drag the pool to the bathroom and i was having a hot shower splashing time. But better than none....

And yesterday, our kindy also have birthday celebration for all the children born in the month of July, August and September. Hence , i also got a belated birthday gift from them.

It was a mini bear bear coins box.

And so far, i have collected half a dozen of assorted coinsbox. The blue bear bear have already been fully fed, so now the others were waiting for their turn.... Mummy said hopefully before next CNY, all of them will be too full till burps out the coins..hahaha

And this, i received it this morning. Guess who comes to our house 7 early 8 early?? It was Por por and Gu gu. Por por bought this from the morning market and straight away bring it here for me.

It was a fiery red bouncing deer/mouse.

And now i was busy bouncing around in the house...adios.... boink..boink...boink...

Monday, August 30, 2010

He Aint's Heavy, He's My Brother

Brothers don't necessarily have to say
anything to each other
they can sit in a room
and be together
and just be completely
with each other
But deep down in their hearts
They do love each other

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Battery Erosion

Have u ever seen this scenario, where u accidentally forgot to remove the batteries from ur torchlight, or any electrical gadget that operate using batteries?? Or in my case, electronic toys.

Yes, battery erosion. When u finally remembers, it was too late. You can see white crusty build up and please , please Do not touch the white crusty build-up with your bare skin. That's battery acid which has leaked from the battery and it can burn your skin.

Mummy reads from one Mummy's blog that she tried using baking soda to remove the build-up but to no avail. End up, the springs even broken. So Mummy also dont bother to try.

So what will happened to my this Fisher-Price Kick and Learn Piano?? Cannot hand down to Baby Iyson either. Whenever Mummy see this she will sakit hati coz this piano not cheap and i play for awhile only when im small. Its still look so NEW.

To ease Mummy's heart pain, the piano end up here, in the dustbin waiting for the garbage truck to come. No eyes see, and no heart pain...

A very valuable and expensive lesson for Mummy. Mummy will keep in her mind not to repeat the same mistake again.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

6th Parenthood Expo

Mummy have already marked this date in her calendar. She's been planning for months to come to this expo. As usual we leave early from house and reached Mid Valley around 10:30 am. We thought we're the earliest, mana tau the parking bays already full. Can imagine how hot is this expo?

We skip our breakfast, instead we straight heading here to avoid the crowd. But the place already people mountain people sea.

Mummy' first free samples , diapers. Mummy said the samples very good wor, coz in 1 box consist of 12pcs, can use from day till nite.. eventhough i dont understand coz last time 1 only used 1 type of diaper.

More freebies from Pureen's counter( dont forget im one of their loyal supporters...hehehe) and another Kotek diapers for Mummy

A Tom & Jerry t-shirt free with purchase above RM180 for Pureen products ( can u imagine how many bottles of shampoo & shower cream Mummy have been stocking up now)

Then , the main purpose for coming to this expo was actually for buying this. Mummy so regret she didnt bought it during the last Mom & Baby expo on May 2010. After that, she do alot of online research for this product and found out high recommendations from people who have bought this. By all means, Mummy going to buy this Parklon Green Soft Mat.

It comes in a hand carry bag, easy for travelling purposes.

What makes this mat so special? It was printed on both side. If u get bored with this side of prints, then u can just flip over..

Then it will become this prints.

After that we hurried back to our car, to unload all the loot we got from the expo. Then only we go for our late breakfast cum lunch at 1:30pm. Mummy suggested we go to Nyonya Colors, thinking it was fasting month now, sure not many diners.Again, she was wrong. The place was packed, but luckily we managed to find a small table just ngam-ngam can fit in the 3 of us. Me & Daddy have Nasi Lemak while Mummy tried their Yellow Curry Laksa.

Then we continue shopping at Jusco, not forgetting my playtime at Jusco Playland. Daddy spent RM20 for the tokens, to Mummy surprise coz usually Daddy will only allowed me to play to the maximum of RM5 tokens only. A big bonus for me...hehehe

Before we leave, Daddy suggested we go for our late tea. Mummy thought of having something lighter, but I insist on coming here, to enjoy my fav Prawn Olio spaghetti. I can finish the 1 whole plate as usual and wallap 2 pcs of pizza. Burrpp....

We left MV around 5pm and when Mummy paid for the parking, guess how much we need to fork out? RM 7 for that 6.5 hrs(approximately RM1 per hour). Cheap or expensive?? Mummy never complaint so i guess its reasonable.

When we reached home, Mummy straight away do the grand opening for the playmat. Coz baby Iyson not around, so i can have the mat all by myself. See how i enjoy myself lying on the mat watching my fav cartoon show.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mummy's Happiness

*This post was written by my Mummy in her another blog dated 1/5/2008. She thought it would be great to share it here in my own personal blog.* This was from Mummy's point of view.

I wanna share with all my M buddies what happiness means to me.

I feel happy when i have the Wisdom to decide on anything and everything

I feel happy when people said imYoung & youthful

I feel happy when im feeling Sweet

I feel happy when im Online chatting with my friends

I feel happy when im Naughty towards hubby

So can u all guess what my happiness is ??

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Mummy can only said WOW when she received this parcel today. The service was superb and efficient. It only takes 3 working days for the parcel to reach after Mummy have write a review about this.

The parcel from EOE.

It was wrapped with another hard cover to prevent damage to the photos.

The quality was way too good from what Mummy have expected. Two thumbs up for EOE. You're simply the BEST.

When Mummy colleagues see this, they were also busy asking about this online photo printing service. Izzit reliable?? Izzit the cheapest in town?? and blah blah blah. Mummy simply told them seeing is believing. My Mummy have tried and tested and full with satisfaction now. How about you?? Have u try it too?? Better hurry before their promotion ends.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My 10th Day

After a few series of high fever, at last the real culprit reveals itself. It was Mr ChickenPox(CP) came to pay me a visit. Such an uninvited guest, came at the wrong timing. I missed 1 whole week of school( which I like the most) while Mummy and Daddy have to sacrifice their precious annual leave. They took turn to look after me at home coz im not welcomed at bbsitter house. Reason due to baby Iyson is there and Mummy dont want me to spread the virus around.

Luckily i have taken the CP jab, which makes me less suffering from inflamed pimples. But the itchiness was intolerable, i keep on scratching like a monkey. Overall, i have not more than 10 pimples( ok lah, still countable..)

In my 5th day

My face

My neck

My stomach

My arm

Today is entering the 10th day and Mummy found a few is popping up for the last 2 days at my stomach. Mummy was praying hard i will be fit enough to go to school tomorrow. Else , she will be scratching her head again...

During this 10 days, i didnt even have 1 bottle of milk and thus makes Mummy worrying about me not getting enough nutrition. I skip most of my meals coz complaining of mouth pain. But the funny thing was , when Mummy suggested we go to Pizza Hut, i can finish up a plate of Prawn Olio spaghetti and 2 slices of Chicken Garlic Pizza. Geng mou?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Everything's Online

Nowadays u can easily heard people says shopping online , doing banking transactions online, pay bills online and etc etc etc. Recently Mummy found out she can even have her photos print online. Thanks to EOE , Mummy now can sit comfortably at home and uploaded all the picture that she wants to develop and wait patiently for the photos to be delivered to our doorstep.

What makes Mummy more happy is that now they were having a big crazy promotion, 4R print at only RM0.30 and FREE delivery for orders above RM35.00. Whenever Mummy see the word FREE, she would go berserk. And not forgetting the time she saved in travelling too.

EOE really saves the day. Mummy now was busy selecting tonnes of pictures from our previous travelling trips and just cant decide which and which is the BEST. Aiyoh, Mummy... since now they were having offer, just choose all lah, its even cheaper than your member price at the photo shop.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sore Thumb

This was what happened when u too addicted to ur gameboy, ended up with a sore thumb. Mummy didnt notice about it till i mentioned to her my thumb feel so pain and the skin is peeling off.

A closer view

I've only play for a few hours every day after school, but yet my thumb still become like this. Cant imagine if i play it day and night...

So for the time being, Mummy keep away the gameboy from me. Now im back watching my fav dvd using my portable dvd player.