Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Belated Gifts

Yesterday Mummy gave me a surprise when i came back from kindy. She said she still owe me my birthday present. Im totally forgotten about it. But Im indeed very surprised when i saw this. It was a new swimming pool that im begging for ages to replace the old one( which i have outgrown long long time ago)

Me and my new pool ( fun or not seeing the accessories attached together??)

Having a great splashing time

As always, Mummy being so kiasi, will drag the pool to the bathroom and i was having a hot shower splashing time. But better than none....

And yesterday, our kindy also have birthday celebration for all the children born in the month of July, August and September. Hence , i also got a belated birthday gift from them.

It was a mini bear bear coins box.

And so far, i have collected half a dozen of assorted coinsbox. The blue bear bear have already been fully fed, so now the others were waiting for their turn.... Mummy said hopefully before next CNY, all of them will be too full till burps out the coins..hahaha

And this, i received it this morning. Guess who comes to our house 7 early 8 early?? It was Por por and Gu gu. Por por bought this from the morning market and straight away bring it here for me.

It was a fiery red bouncing deer/mouse.

And now i was busy bouncing around in the house...adios.... boink..boink...boink...

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  1. Nice swimming pool wor... haha 7 early 8 early por por can't wait to give him this bouncer.