Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Mid-Autumn

Happy Mid-Autumn everyone. Hope you all enjoy the mooncake feasting and lanterns parading...For me, we have a simple celebration at Kiu-poh house. Nothing fancy, just dinner with family members. I didnt eat a single bite of mooncake this year, coz im not a fan of it. 

our dinner

After dinner, the event of the night - playing lantern aka burning Mummy said wasted her money buying the lanterns coz me and baby Iyson more interested with the glittering burning

On Friday night, we also attended my kindy's lantern parade. It was a pot luck party , so Mummy contributed her signature butter cake. The cake was yummy and it finish within 10 minutes..after the party started..

We bring along our lanterns for lantern walk that nite.. I purposely asked Mummy to buy me a flying horse lantern so that i can join.. the little lamby lantern was for baby Iyson bought by Yi-poh . It use LED light instead of candle.

I even invited Brandon and Darren ( my cousins brother) to join along and we 3 having such a fun time playing and eating...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Langkawi Trip 8/9/12-10/9/12

We went to Langkawi for a 3D2N trip. Initially it was plan as a family trip for just the 4 of us..but last minute we have to left baby Iyson behind. He just recovered a week ago from purging due to food poisoning and now he downs with serious cough and flu. Mummy decided it was not a good idea to let baby tag along. 

On the day we reach Langkawi airport, rains welcome us. Spoiler for the rest of the day. We took a cab and  headed to our hotel , Casa Fina Fine Homes.

It was pouring heavily...

We were forced to stay in our room for the whole day and skip our lunch too. After 6pm, the rains still showing no sign to stop, so daddy braved the rain and go to the nearest shop to buy an umbrella which cost him RM19.90 for a small folded umbrella.

We straight away headed to the McDonalds which was just opposite our hotel to have our super late lunch.  My tummy was growling fierce for food! After filled up our tummy, we went back to hotel to have our bath.

Around 9pm, we went out again to look for our dinner. Since our tummy just 50% full from the McD, we decided to have rice for our dinner. We looked and looked for a decent restaurant, and we see this shop with few tables occupied. So Mummy thought the food wont be that bad gua..

We have lala, kailan and their so called recommended chicken dish..the taste for the chicken was yucks.. 

The food was edible but not up to our expectation though. When the bill came, it cost us rm50++ just for the 3 dishes! So this restaurant was out from our list for the next 2 days..

After dinner, still we decided to check on the duty free shops, which were just opposite our hotel..Mummy jot downs the prices for the chocolates to do comparison with other shops. 

On the next day, sunshine welcome us...yippiee..We walked to a nearby restaurant which was highly recommended by fellow travellers, Red Tomato Restaurant & Lounge. It served english breakfast and western food. 

We have our 2 days breakfast here, their pizza and spaghetti was great. But the english breakfast didnt suit our tastebud. And the mushroom soup was too creamy.. Each visit cost ur RM 70++..

After breakfast, we walked to the nearby Chenang beach...yes , we walk for about 10 mins and it was fun strolling along the sandy beach...

the clear and clean beach

the water was as clear as crystal

we do something silly, camwhoring...hehehe

me and Mummy have our first banana boat ride, which cost ur rm60 for 15 mins ride

We stayed at the beach till 1pm, it was scorching hot and Mummy cant stand it. So we packed our things and walked back again to our hotel. We bathed and took a nap. When we woke up its already 4pm, so we went to search for our lunch teatime. We have fried rice and tomyam soup.. 

Then we went back to the duty free shops to shop for our chocolates...the price was amazingly cheap compared to our supermarket here... Mummy choose and choose and choose, end up paying RM400++ just for

our loots...some didnt in the pic

Carrying 4 big plastic bags, we walked back to our hotel smiling widely.... Mummy starts to do some packing. So fast we going back tomorrow... After Mummy finished packing the last packet of chocs, we went out to look for this seafood restaurant , Orkid Ria which was ranked as the best seafood restaurant in Langkawi. So by crook or by hook, Mummy must find this.. We walked and walked and walked, finally we reached the place after 20 minutes .

the food was ok, nothing to shout about...not like some of the bloggers said the must have ..
this is solely our opinion and like Mummy said different person different tastebud

The bill was rm 120++ , reasonable for us, at least better than the dinner we had on our 1st night...With a full tummy, we walked back again to our hotel.. to rest early as we leaving tomorrow morning..

This was the hotel that we stayed was cabin based concept.. we paid rm300 for 2 night..

each cabin got 2 rooms

Mummy just loves the green scenery

and they even provide water dispensing machine

Overall, our trip was so relax and enjoyable minus the 1st rainy day....actually this was my 2nd time here, my 1st time was in year 2008...