Sunday, April 26, 2009

My New Friend

Im looking forward for every weekend coz i know this 2 days will be my gai gai days. But today Mummy said there will be no gai gai coz she's too tired. Last nite we went to Tesco and came back quite late.
Since we're not going out, Mummy suggested we do some cleaning in our bedroom. It was fun seeing Mummy taking out the vacuum , broom, dustpan and mop. Me , 1st thing was to grab the vacuum and start 'playing' with it. Luckily its not hot, coz Mummy switch on the air-cond and fan. It was so cooling indeed while doing spring cleaning.
After a hard day work, Mummy suggested we go to pasar malam. It was just a 5 minutes walking distance from our house. If its not raining, every Sunday I will asked Mummy to bring me there. I can buy alot of things eg. toys, sweets, drinks , and tidbits.
Being a very good helper today, Mummy said she will buy something for me as reward. And i choose this one, after a round of negoatiation. It cost Mummy a bomb, RM7 just for this.. Mummy said not worth it, but after seeing how happy i am.... it worth every cent...

Introduce to you all , my new friend... Bee-bee-loon-loon , Spider man

Hey, Ultraman( sometimes i get confused with ultra and spider) dont move here , move there,

Got u, where u wanna climb??

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fruits of The Day

Lately, i found myself so into books. I will asked Mummy to read story books for me. But Mummy seems so reluctant, she prefers her pillow and bolster more than books. So today, i purposely bring some books for Mummy to read for me. She just choose the simplest one , that was picture dictionary( no long long wordings), all about fruits.
The story telling(sort of) started... Sometimes Mummy will point to the picture and asked me to said it out or i repeat after her.
Mummy : What is this? (pointing to an apple)
Wyson : Apple....3
Mummy : Huh? 3 ? Ok, then how about this one? (pointing to a pineapple)
Wyson : Tung tung chang
Mummy : (slap forehead) , no its not. it was a pineapple. Say it again.. pine-apple..
Wyson : No, its tung tung chang
* Why he keep on saying tung tung chang? coz got one time, when he was seeing a lion dance performance, they got put pineapples as decoration. He remembers till now...LOL..
Mummy : Ok, ok... then this one...BA-NA-NA
Wyson : BA-BA-NA
Mummy : No, its BA-NA-NA
Wyson : Ya, BA-BA-NA
Mummy : Ok, fine...(give up already arguing with him).... How about this? (pointing to a lemon)
Wyson : Its lemon...4..
Mummy : Huh? 4? Ok, this one is STRAW-BERRY... repeat after me..
Wyson : Stow- Be- Li ...6
Mummy : Whats wrong with all the number?? hmmm... ok, this one last... this is KI-WI
Wyson : Kiwi...5
Mummy : Oh, i know... this was all the class name in ur Kindy...Mummy forgotten that all ur class name using fruits...that means u can remember quite u not only learn about fruits, but numbers too...hahaha
Wyson : ????? So, Mummy, can read this one too?? (handing over another dictionary book)
Mummy : No, its Mummy bedtime now...and urs too.. we continue some other day..ok..
What a LAZY Mummy I have...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My New Motorbike

Beside my bicycles collection, i also got this electricity motorbike. This motorbike was bought long ago by Kiu-kung(granduncle) but i dont quite fancy it. First, i still dont know how to control the speed and keep on banging the wall. Secondly, it doesnt have pedal like bicycle and i cant push this bike with my legs too.
So where this motorbike end up??? Yes, at Yi-yi house. When Brandon saw it, he keep on pastering my Mummy to lend him. Everytime when i went to Y-yi house, i will not missed riding on my motorbike.

Yesterday, when at Yi-yi house, i noticed Brandon got a new play tool. That was this helmet. I quickly grab it and put it on. Just fit nicely on me.

Brandon's new bicycle too. I force him to 'lend' it for me and start exploring...its very big and huge for me.

So gaya saje ade , but action takde..

My dream bicycle, waiting for my dream girl...hehehe

Doesnt it suit me well??

Ho...ho...ho..... want a free ride from me???

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The World of Monkeys

Since from my last rabbit's farm trip, Mummy keep on saying she will bring me to see monkeys. She keep on postponing due to some unexpected events, but today Mummy finally make up her mind. We will be going to Kuala Selangor, without Daddy. Daddy insist wanna go to his not-so-closed friend wedding dinner, so Mummy just count him out. We follow Yi-chong (Brandon's dad) car.

The journey was so so so long till Brandon and me got bored. After 2.5 hours, we finally reached there.

Wow, really got a bunch of wild monkeys...and was scary too, the monkeys was too fierce . They will try to snatch anything from your hands. Mummy said this was the 'uncivilized' type..

And im too scared to snap photo alone, coz anytime the monkeys will jump on me... so Bibi gor gor was so nice to accompany me..

After Yi-chong parked his car down the hill, we all took this train ride up to the hill ( Bukit Malawati). The ride was so enjoyable with the breezy wind.

When we reached up there, my nightmare begins. Monkeys was everywhere , swinging on the trees, climbing up the seat and even running after us begging for food.

See, im scared till i cant focus on the camera. Why??

Bcoz this bunch of monkeys. They was even feasting on muruku...

Overall, i only enjoyed the train ride, not the monkeys show. I was down with fever and pooing 'greenish' after this trip. Yi-poh said maybe due to the shock. Coz at one time, when Yi-poh was carrying me, a monkey came to snatch the beans that she was holding. Yi-poh dont wanna give and the monkey start pulling my legs. I was screaming hysterically and later cry. I told Mummy "I dont want to see monkeys anymore...please Mummy...lets go back home"..

Friday, April 17, 2009

Enjoying my KFC meals

Everytime when Mummy go to Tesco Semenyih, the MUST do routine after finish shopping was :
Having my meals at KFC, i dont want to 'tapau' back, instead i will asked for a bbchair and opt for dining in.
One food with so many expressions

After finish( i can finish 1 set of happy meal - consist of 4pcs nuggets , 1 whipped potato and 1 cup of Milo), then i will happily go home without making much noise in the car. If not, Mummy & Daddy have to play 'deaf' when im wailing for my favourite..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My 1st Field Trip

Today was my 1st field trip (organized by kindy) to Rabbit Farm & Fruits Orchards at Beranang. Im not that excited when Mummy told me about this last week. I only remember her saying that there will be many rabbits.

So as usual, i woke up and get prepared to school. Once reached there, teachers already busy gathering us and start head counting. I was so nervous, i dont know whats going on and suddenly was told to get on a big bus.

See, im still in shock... but excited too coz no need to study....hooray...

At the Orchard...and behind me was the p-apple(still cant pronounce correctly yet) plant

With Brandon gor gor, weather was so hot till we're sweating all over

Then proceed to rabbit's farm

Oh, kuchi, kuchi, rabbit, rabbit come here, come here... Where you wanna run? I've got your ears already ..

p/s- didnt know my boy was brave enough to catch a rabbit

Come on out, where you wanna hide??

Taking photos with gor gor & jie jie (im the youngest in kindy) before leaving

Back at kindy, with Teacher Lina, i was waiting for my turn to have shower

After shower, its nap time and everybody was so tired after a half day trip.

While waiting for our milk, we just fall asleep..

I really enjoyed myself today, and i cant wait for the next trip....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Sunday.

Have u got ur Easter egg?? I've got mine, long long time ago. Inside got some sweets, chocs and mini toys.

Then i have my morning breakfast, my fav, nasi lemak.

Eventhough its spicy, but i still wanna finish it. When Mummy try to take away the sambal, i will asked her 'dont touch my sambal, dont touch my sambal'...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Nite Fever

Today, Mummy wakes me up very early. Before 9:00am, everybody were ready to go. Mummy said we're going to KLCC. Oh, another gai gai hotspot. Am very excited in the car, keep on asking this and that.

Then we stop by to pick up Yi-poh and Yi-yi. Strange , usually we go gai gai, just 3 of us . Why now become 5?

We reached there at 11am. Mummy straight look for her destination without stopping by at my fav spot, donuts shop. Oh, actually they all were heading to the PIKOM fair(PC exhibition) at the convention centre. No wonder Yi-poh and Yi-yi follow.

So today actually not my gai gai day. I was bored when they were busy scouting and searching for the best buy in town. I keep on clinging to Daddy coz Mummy dont even have time to look after me. Till 1pm, i cannot stand anymore... i go near to Mummy and told her im very hungry. I wanna eat KFC. Then only Mummy realised, she totally forgotten about my lunch. With a guilty face, Mummy quickly carried me and we're heading down to the mall.

KFC was too crowded and we cant even find a seat, so Mummy suggested we go to Burger King. Doesnt matter whether its KFC or BK, i was just too hungry. Mummy ordered so many of varieties. Got sundae, burgers , chicken finger bite, fries and cheezy bite. And most important, was the soft drink. I can finish 1 big cup of it.

Then i go to the nearby shop, Toys 'r' Us for window shopping. Mummy said she wanna bought me the LEGO set, they were having 30% sales. But she said only, at last she didnt buy. She was too busy with her laptop catalogues.

Before we left, after Mummy, Yi-poh and Yi-yi got what they wants and not what i want, i was allowed to ride on this. But just plain ride, no coins inserted.

After spending the whole day here, me got nothing at all. This was my 1st time outing without bringing anything back. So , Mummy, you must compensate me the next time we go gai gai...

Oopps, i forgot to mention. I did have fever in the middle of the nite. Mummy have to woke me up and feed me medicine in the wee hours. In the end, i guess , i did get something....hahaha

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Bicycles

This was my 1st hand-down kiddy push car from Yiyi. I've got it before i turned 1 yrs old.

And this was my 2nd tricycle Mummy bought for me when im 2 years old.

Last Monday, Mummy suddenly came to visit me at bbsitter house. She said got surprise for me. A really big surprise indeed... i've got my 3rd bicycle before i turns 3 yrs old in this coming July.

Tada....this was my new BICYCLE..

Trying on my new bicycle

And im a very proud owner of 3 bicycles now......

p/s- lately i keep on asking Mummy and Daddy cycles on my tricycle while i ride my push car. I will asked them to cycle fast fast and catch up with me. Maybe due to this, Mummy buy another one so that 3 of us can cycle together...hehehe
*mummy replies : is not that reason, my dear son, bcoz Mummy too big to ride on ur tricycle, and ur Daddy too heavy to stand behind thus forcing Mummy to buy another one. With the new bicycle, we hope you will spare us from ur wild terror ride...