Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From the Start

Since i start kindy, i've shown no interest towards writing , coloring and drawing. My handwriting was like cakar ayam or to be exact, alien handwriting, hard to decode. My coloring skill, also show no improvement even after 2 years Mummy enrolled me in Art Class.

About my drawing, only today Mummy realised, i've never sketched. Im not like the usual kid that will ask for a piece of paper , a pencil and start to draw. In fact i've never draw anything, not even the orang lidi that most kid will love to draw.

Mummy let me have my first try on drawing. She ask me to draw our family of 4 , in a park enjoying the fine weather.

Can you all guess what im trying to show here??

The first thing Mummy notice was the four circle that i draw and the number 4 written on the side. I told her, the 4 circle represents Daddy, Mummy, Me and baby. I didnt draw the hands and legs coz i dont know how. And i write No.4 to show there were 4 people in the park. ( Mummy slaps forehead).

Next , Mummy asked me to do writing exercise. For the start, im writing my own name. Mummy keep on stressing have to write within the line.

Nice or not my handwriting?

So now, every 2 days Mummy will let me have some exercises to do beside my kindy's homework. She really hopes i can excel in my study just like everyone else.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Daddy, My King

When im a baby
he cuddle me to sleep
When im learning my 1st step
he holds my little hands
to make sure i didnt fall down

Now, after 5 years
he still cuddle me, hug me
and carry me 

He's not other than 
my beloved Daddy

I just wanna wish my Daddy
Happy Daddy's Day

And here is the little gift
for you, Daddy
that i learn in my Art Class

You are my daddy, My only daddy
You make me happy everyday
I want you to know dad, How much I love you
So please don't take my daddy away

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flash Cards

I've got this flash cards set as a birthday present few years back. But Mummy just keep inside the storage box. Why ? Because i have wasted a few sets before. I will tear the card into pieces and throw everywhere. End up , Mummy have to clean up the mess.

After seeing my poor grade in the last exam, Mummy think maybe its time again to re-introduce the cards for me.

Mind you, this set said for age 3 and above. But i will be turning 5 next month, and yet im still having difficulty matching the cards. Hmmm....

Busy matching the cards

I spent almost 2 hours just to finish this , with Mummy guidance, of course.

Mummy hopes its not too late for me to start learning this again....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Loots from IKEA

After Mummy reads how much Chloe enjoyed doing pyssla beads crafts, she also heart move move ( sam yok yok in cantonese) wanna let me try on this. So yesterday Mummy went for a girl's day out with her colleagues. No boys allowed , so forcing me and daddy to stay at home. They went to Ikea thus Mummy also take this opportunity to buy this pyssla beads that only sell exclusively here.

My box of pyssla beads and few board

The flowers look familiar?? Mummy steal the idea from Chloe ...hehehe

Mummy tried doing something very simple first, thats my name.. and its not easy to put in the small beads on the board. Mummy having a hard time doing it while i cant do it at all. I tried once, but my hands will make the other beads went out from their place. End up , Mummy just asked me to sort out the beads according to color.

The very colorful beads

Next, Mummy bought this one was a double side board with stand. Mummy said she have to do something to makes me more eager to learn alphabets. Till now, i still cant recite a full set of ABC, thats what worrying her.

The blackboard, using chalk to write

The white board, using the marker to write

Im so happy with this board, coz i can conteng-conteng and rub it off immediately.

And the last will be this piece, a red rocker...

Woah, i can rock front and back while watching the tv

Having so much fun playing with the new rocker