Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Party

back dated post - 23/12/11

Mummy received this circular from kindy last saturday. Every year our kindy will organized a xmas party for the  students to join with a small sum of fees. 

Mummy asked me whether im interested to join or not coz she remembered last 2 year , i did attend the same party but with unpleasant experience.. . Surprisingly i told Mummy, its ok, i will be attending.. So out we went to the mall to shop for chocolates and more chocolates for my friends and teachers..

for my friends

and this for my teachers, nicely wrapped 

Lastly not forgetting getting a present for the gift exchange session. After hunting it for sometime, Mummy decided to buy this.

Must be wondering why got 2 sets, right? Coz I told Mummy, if she buys for my friend , i want one too. Eventhough Mummy said , i will get a gift too in exchange of this, i still insisted on buying this. At times, i can be quite stubborn..

Some of the pictures to share during our xmas party :

can spot me?

posing with xmas tree & lots of pressies

our big belly santa claus 

lastly, a group photo to mark the end of our schooling term for 2011

See you all next year...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Day

Today i wake up as usual, 8am, then have my milk , get changed and ready to go .....its the first day of school and also mark the last year for me in kindergarten. I keep telling everybody i will go to 'Yi Nien Jie ( primary one) next year...

still can posing for Mummy..hehe

Mummy keep on saying i have grown so much since the first time i step to kindy 3 years ago ( year 2009)... i was only 2.5 yrs old that time..

see how cute and small am i comparing to now...

Time and tide really waits for no we should appreciate every second, minute , hour , day , week, month and year that we have..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All Ready

All ready for Mummy, ok ... Not for me though... i hate tomorrow the most..... i keep on asking why everybody can have a month long school holidays while i can only enjoy for a week?? Not fair, not fair...

But once Mummy shows me this school bag, im so eager to go to school. I cant wait to show it to my friends, my new Pooh school bag...Nice or not?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year everyone... so how's the celebration yesterday? Joining any countdown party or just sat back at home and enjoy the fireworks? Me do neither of that... We have barbecued at Kiu-poh's house. Mummy was busy bakar-ing her prawns, satays and mantou for us... We party till very late and when we reach home, its already almost midnite. Still can get a glimpse of fireworks from our neighbourhood...

Then today to start our new year, we're heading to Sushi King for lunch....

the ice honey lemon tea taste like Bubbles, yucks....

mini yee sang

and we even have our early mini yee sang was good....luckily we ordered the mini one, coz we cant finish this small portion...

I hope you all have a great celebration too, new year, new hope, new resolution but no new baby for me... blek..