Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Day

Today i wake up as usual, 8am, then have my milk , get changed and ready to go .....its the first day of school and also mark the last year for me in kindergarten. I keep telling everybody i will go to 'Yi Nien Jie ( primary one) next year...

still can posing for Mummy..hehe

Mummy keep on saying i have grown so much since the first time i step to kindy 3 years ago ( year 2009)... i was only 2.5 yrs old that time..

see how cute and small am i comparing to now...

Time and tide really waits for no we should appreciate every second, minute , hour , day , week, month and year that we have..


  1. oh....time pas really quick lo.....

  2. Hehe, still can do a 'yao yeng' pose ha...

    Hope things are alright in school for you little boy..

  3. haha can see he grow up a lot, grow more giant size. Now have a fun last honeymoon year, next year going to suffer jor, suffer for me too. Gosh

  4. He looks so grown up posing like that. :)

  5. oh he looks so cute when he was younger. he has indeed grown up a lot :)