Sunday, January 30, 2011


Talk about sizing problem again... Its like a never ending story for Mummy. Mummy blog before in here and here.

So what makes Mummy headache again this time?? It was when buying my pyjamas. Mummy cannnot believe she have to buy size 9-10 years old this round.

Yes, really have to be this size then only I can fit in nicely... Mummy said I really really have to lose some weight( not some actually, coz now am already 28 kg ) and im not even 5 years old.

Any ideas how to shed some weight?? ( Mummy ask on behalf)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Home Project

Mummy already received this circular from kindy 2 weeks ago. But she choose to forget about it until Auntie Ginie post in her blog reminded her. Then Mummy only realised she havent do it for me. Only last nite, she started her night engine.

She quickly looks for ideas for making lantern. Luckily Auntie Ginie got provided a few links in her blog thus makes it easier for Mummy. Mummy read, and read, and read and try to find the easiest one that she can come up with immediately.

Tada, at last Mummy manage to make this Red-Packet-Ancient-Coin Lantern, idea from Aunty Merryn. She even used the same angpow packets as her. She scared later the lantern turn out not nice, so to play safe, she follows exactly... hahahahaha

Mummy spent almost 3 hrs just to make this lantern but it looks far far nicer than the previous year. Last year one, Mummy cincai-cincai do for me only coz already dead line for submission. But this year, still got 3 more days thus can make a better one.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My First Class

Today was my first class for Mental Arithmetic. I've got a bag, an abacus and a workbook. Mummy tried to count using the abacus based on the note given but still cannot understand how it works.

I told Mummy, it was not easy coz even me myself also didn't understand what the teacher trying to teach me. So for the beginning, i only do the most simplest one, ADD using the lower beads.

Teacher said i need to master the skill of moving the beads then only i can master the whole thing. Keeping my finger crossed for the next lesson..

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mummy's Baking Corner

Chinese New Year is coming soon... Yippeee.. and Mummy was so busy with her CNY preparation. Not spring cleaning, nor decorating but baking. Yes, you heard me right. My Mummy was so into baking nowadays.

Why i said so? Can you see all her ka-changs? She's getting ready to start her baking session.

For today, Mummy wanna try out some simple recipes. First, butter cookies. To mark the coming Rabbit year , Mummy use this rabbit mould to cut out the shape. A bit cacat on the face decor though..

Then, Mummy wanna try out this entah apa-apa biscuit.( Actually this recipe is for Marble Ear Cookies) . But Mummy not that skilful yet , end up become like this.

Nevertheless, the biscuits still taste yummy especially the bunny butter cookies. Thumbs up for you, Mummy...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Extra Class(ses)

Everyday Mummy will check my Communication Book from kindy to see the latest update /happenings. She was waiting for this actually...,

extra classes offered by my kindy. Last year Mummy enrol me for Art Class. And this year, she already planned to enrol me in Art Class plus another. Can guess what it is?

The Art Class brochure

Eventhough Mummy didnt see any improvement in my colourings(i still coloured cincai-cincai in my homework) but Mummy still wants me to join this class. She wants me to concentrate ( coz i easily get distracted) and focusing on the work i do.

This is the one, Mental Arithmetic. Mummy already asking about this class since last year. Because this class was only offered to 5-6 yrs old, so im only allowed to join this year.

Again, Mummy enrol me for this class hoping it can promote longer concentration span. And learning the abacus will be fun too, coz Mummy never have the chance to learn that when she's young.

Another 2 extra classes for me, i really hope i still can survive this year kindy... hmmm...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Over the Sea Trip

To mark the beginning of year 2011, we have our 1st over the sea trip. It was just a short trip, 3D2N(14/1-16/1) to Singapore. As usual, travel by our favourite airlines, Air Asia...

The journey takes less than one hour and tada, we reach at Changi Airport.

We check-in at this Festive Hotel, located inside Sentosa Resort.

This hotel was so spacious, it have a king size bed, a loft bed and a sofa bed. And of course, we, the kids jumping and climbing up and down.

When we reach the hotel, it was raining cats and dogs. So we just stay in the hotel and exploring in the resort for the first day.

Our main purpose staying inside Sentosa Resort was because of this....

Universal Studio Singapore. We came here on the second day of our stay.

This was all the magic portion that we need to boost up our energy for the day...

The first ride we have, Madagascar Merry-Go-Round, i even have 2 round of this ride

Next , we stop at Jurassic Park... examining the dino's eggs..

Its start to rain in the afternoon, and im having my first experience wearing a poncho and its quite fun , playing in the rain

Till the end, then only managed to take pic with this Madagascar Mascot

We left there around 8pm, too tired to wait for the fireworks show. After take our bath, we all doze off to slumberland.

On our last day, we manage to take the MRT to the nearest shopping mall, VIVO. Shop for 2-3 hours, then time to say goodbye to Singapore. We need to catch our flight already.

We dont have enough of Singapore for just that 3D2N.. so we will be coming back again..

Monday, January 3, 2011

School Again..

After a one week school holiday and a short getaway, finally the day have comes. Er, i mean school reopened. I dont like the idea of going to school again , in fact i dont like school at all.

But today, Mummy told me i will be in K1 this year. Meaning im going to graduate soon... Ok, when i heard its going to end soon, im more than happy. And seeing my new school bag that Mummy bought me recently, i really cant wait to go to school and show my friends.

This was the Mickey school bag. Nice?? Actually our kindy have been using their own school bag for their students, but Mummy choose not to follow. Why? Coz all the bag looks same, and i've been taking the wrong bag, not only ONCE, but few times going back home. Mummy have to call the parent of the bag's owner and let them know we have their bag and start looking for my own bag. So troublesome, and to avoid this problem happened again, i have been using my own bag since last year.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Celebration 2011

Happy New Year 2011!! To mark this day, Mummy plan for a 2D1N(1/1-2/1) trip to Genting Highlands.

The first time im here was to celebrate National Day(31/8/2007). That time i just passed my 1st birthday a week before. Still dont know how to play much of the games there.

And this pic, isn't it sweet?? We even won contest in here.... somemore 1st prize..hehehe

After 3yrs++, we're back here again. This time we went with Gung-gung, Por por, Yi-po family and 2 of my Kau-foo. But really wrong timing. Coz the place was so packed, even need to queue for more than 3 hrs just to check in. And when we see the long queue making an S shape at the ticket counter for games, we totally give up. It was just no way we can waste another few hours just to get the tickets.

While waiting for number to be called, i spotted a clown. Remember im scared, i mean really really scared. Mummy quickly shove me to the corner to avoid me seeing the clown. Then Mummy ask me to stay there with Yi-poh while she went to the ladies. When Mummy comes back, she was so surprised seeing me lining up , waiting for my turn to get a balloon from the clown. Without wasting time, she faster grab her hp and snap a picture of me.. Yi-poh then told Mummy, it was me that wanna go there. More surprisingly, i even TALK to the clown and request a GUN shape balloon... ya, im not afraid of CLOWNS anymore.. after all they were just normal human wearing a funny costume plus a big red nose... thats what I told Mummy..

Some pictures we manage to take coz the place was just too crowded

This was what we have for dinner at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant.. overall the dish was ok.. but the suckling pig just give me a shock.. never see such a HUGE pig presented in front of me...LOL, of course i didnt eat any of it... i just have some fried tofu and gravy..

* This time we didnt bring baby Iyson along coz Mummy was coughing like a mad cow, and didnt want to spread the germs to baby. Somemore Mummy doze off like a pig after taking the cough medicine. Mummy said we will come back again(of course during non-peak season) with baby.