Sunday, January 30, 2011


Talk about sizing problem again... Its like a never ending story for Mummy. Mummy blog before in here and here.

So what makes Mummy headache again this time?? It was when buying my pyjamas. Mummy cannnot believe she have to buy size 9-10 years old this round.

Yes, really have to be this size then only I can fit in nicely... Mummy said I really really have to lose some weight( not some actually, coz now am already 28 kg ) and im not even 5 years old.

Any ideas how to shed some weight?? ( Mummy ask on behalf)


  1. Come, shake hands with Chloe first... Chloe is also wearing this J-Kids pjs but still size 5-6 years and ngam2 fit only. Next "upgrade" will be 9-10 also, I'm sure :) I even bought her leggings in size 13-14! Kua-jeong hor? Hahaha!

  2. haha same like HL's Chloe...all are kanak-kanak sihat membesar keke