Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My First Class

Today was my first class for Mental Arithmetic. I've got a bag, an abacus and a workbook. Mummy tried to count using the abacus based on the note given but still cannot understand how it works.

I told Mummy, it was not easy coz even me myself also didn't understand what the teacher trying to teach me. So for the beginning, i only do the most simplest one, ADD using the lower beads.

Teacher said i need to master the skill of moving the beads then only i can master the whole thing. Keeping my finger crossed for the next lesson..


  1. hi, i also enroll Jeremy to class for Mental Arithmetic too .... so far he like it ... i was still looking for a art class for him too ... if cant find a good one outside, mayb will enroll back to kindy wan ;P

  2. oh, glad ur J likes it... my boy so so nia..not so keen, till now still didnt know how to use the abacus..

    anggie, maybe u can try this Impression Art Studio at Sg Long and another branch at mahkota cheras.. my friend's daughter got enrol in their class, RM75 per month ( 3 art class & 1 ceramic craft class ). 2 hours per class. They are flexible and allow replacement class ..

    or Global Art? but they mainly focus on coloring..