Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome Onboard..

Ladies & Gentleman, we welcome you onboard, our flight no: 1H heading to Primary 1 school. Its a one way journey and no turning back until we reach Primary kindly fastened your seatbelt, and enjoy your Primary years. Thank you...(how i wish this was a holiday announcement, grrrr)

another achievement, from kindy promoted to primary

While Mummy was so excited making the preparations for me, me on the other hand, not so keen with the idea of entering primary school..

uniforms & shoes ( not to exaggerate but the uniforms total got 7 sets)

the most expensive item on the list, school bag which have features like
protecting the back bones ( rm 289.90)

On the 29/12/12, we have an orientation day at school.Me need to dress in uniform which i hate most, it was so hot and not comfortable at all. My class teacher , Ms Lim ( blue dress) ..looks like a very nice lady.. but please dont deceived by her look. Every teacher should be and must be fierce for as long as i can remember. 

After that, Mummy proceed to my classroom(luckily its on the ground floor for primary 1 students) to pay for the school & books fees.

total we need to pay

didnt know some items was optional

Because Mummy cant read chinese, so she asked Ms Lim whether all should be paid in full. Ms Lim just reply all compulsory to be taken. So Mummy didnt asked more, just paid. 

On the 1st day of school...(2/1/2013)


Then was asked to queue according to height, as usual im the last one....

can u spot me?

Luckily when arranged for seating, im not placed on the last row...phew..( but after 1 day, teacher rearranged again, and im back to the last row..yak..yak..yak)

If u going to ask me ,what interest me more when im in primary 1, i should be saying, its the going to use real money & queue up to buy food...think of that also makes me so happy...nah, but Mummy wont let me feel the happiness ..she insist on 'catered food' from the canteen.  I got the no.86 for my seat. So everyday , when the recess bell ring, i will go to the canteen and look for my food on that number.

only on the 1st day,  i can smile like this..mummy prepacked for me my fav,
 nasi lemak

For the coming days , i will be having this catered meal on my lucky seat no. 86...

hv this on my 2nd day, taste not bad lah, at least i polish it clean

On the 3rd day, Mummy purposely went to my school to sneak on me. She wants to make sure i can find my seat and having my meal. But to her surprise, she didnt see me at my seat eventhough its already 5 mins after my recess time. Guess where i am? 
I was queing up to buy food...( Mummy slaps forehead) seeing me holding a bowl of rice with a fried egg. I told Mummy i didnt know got food ready for me to eat, i thought it was only a seat reserved for me. Oh, forgot to mention, beside catering food, Mummy also prepacked lunch box (usually bread/cakes with a packet of drink) and give me pocket money. The 'catered' food just too small in volume, after eating it , i still need to snack on bread/cakes...

Thats how i spent my first 3 days at school. So far so good, im still in one piece..but cant guarantee on the  coming days..keeping my fingers crossed..