Sunday, June 27, 2010

Betong Trip

This was the 1st time I follow on my Daddy's company trip. It was a 3D1N(25/6-27/6) trip to Betong , Thailand.

We departed on Friday's night, 11pm by bus. Eventhough it was a 24-seater bus, supposed to be comfy but Mummy keep on complaining about neck pain. I have no problem at all, i sleep most of the time during that 8 hours journey.
Its already 8 in the morning when we reach Betong town. We have our breakfast, bak kut teh and chicken rice. Then we proceed to check in at the so called 5-star hotel..

After we put down our luggage, we gathered again to continue with our day tour. There's nothing special about this town, just the plain garden , jungle and some historical place.

Jungle trekking

Historical museum


It was too boring till i had to find a way to entertain myself, by singing...hehe
After the museum, we proceed to a Floating Garden, but i find nothing floating here...just a name only...

Was so tired of all the walking and running, time to recharge my battery. Even for a short nap, it was enough to make my battery full bar....hehe

After charging, we proceed to the Hot Spring Lake.

Am not interested to soak my legs into this hot and dirty pool, so i went to the nearby playground.

But during this trip, i did learn a few things.

I learn about flowers and colors.

I learn to be a model

I learn to be a photographer

Then on Sunday, after breakfast at hotel, Mummy was not feeling well. End up, i have to be in hotel room watching tv while Daddy go out for last minute shopping.

Before we check out, take opportunity to snap a pic in front of the lobby.

Our group photo

Then as usual, i sleep on the way back....its really tiring but fun too.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Papa's Day

Today is Father's day. I've got no money to spend lavishly for buying gifts to my daddy. So the most i can do was just to present some of my handmade artwork that i learn from kindy.

A 'Daddy, I Love U' card, is the heart that counts....

A pencil holder mug, with the message 'Happy Father's Day'

A 'shirt' card , from me to daddy

And this, my kindy homeproject, a 'dragonfly' card, with alots of help from Mummy to finish it.

Daddy, daddy, I Love You.....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Japanese???

Mummy was so surprised seeing me sit like this, like a Japanese. In my whole life, i've never ever sit so decent to enjoy my meal. Mummy quickly snap a photo of this posture to keep.

I guess Mummy just missed the time when im well behaved but not now. Im turning into the 'Monster 4' stage...hehehe

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Holiday Camp

Its school holiday now, and our kindy have organized a holiday camp for today. Activities included kid's yoga session and a trip to High-5 bread town.

Mummy last minute decided to tag along coz i was feeling unwell for the past few days yet im so eager to join this trip. Mummy scared teachers cant handle so many kids at one time and neglected me.

Waiting for our turn to board the bus

When inside the bus, surprisingly im become so active and not feeling sick anymore

Holding hand in hand before entering the club house

See, im just one snobbish kid, dont wanna mix along..... yoga's not my cup of tea

Till teachers have to come to the rescue ( rescuing other kids actually, coz i dont wanna cooperate and do as instructed)

End up, Mummy said i just need to sit down with my friend, Shawn ( who's also not so fond of yoga...hehe)

After the yoga session, we proceed to our next destination, bread town.

We're given a brief tour inside the bread museum ( luckily camera was not allowed, if not , Mummy sure snap like mamarazzi)

After the tour, Mummy spotted this very BIG loaf of bread....

Mummy also dont wanna missed the chance snapping with GIANT loaf...hehe

With Teacher Sunita, who's in charge of our group , a team of 10 kids

Before we leave, a group picture, the weather was really really really HOT, so this is the BESTEST shot Mummy can get....

Im enjoying myself during this trip, but not for Mummy. She said she wont be following any of the field trip anymore. She was so tense up with all the noise and she's really salute to the teachers that can take it so relaxly....

Monday, June 7, 2010

Toy Story 3

Now everybody was crazy about this Toy Story 3 sequel. Everywhere i went i can also see their merchandise selling like hot cakes. Mummy also not left out. For the last 2 episode, Mummy did collected the toys from McDonald Happy Meal but this round, she's not interested at all.

So, when she saw Tesco was selling Toy Story 3 recycle bag, without much hesitation, she bought 2. Really cheap , only RM3.99 each and the color was so vibrant.

I thought Mummy bought this for me to keep my things. I was totally wrong, she wants to use it for herself... ( sometimes really cannot understand what's Mummy thinking and doing)

Friday, June 4, 2010

More Books

When Mummy sees this, she already can foresee what will happened next. Need me to explain more???? I've got a set of 5 books about Milly and Molly from my kindy. Mummy thickened her face asked the principal for thousand of times regarding this.

Actually, this set of books only applicable for new student registration during early of the year. Since i'm a repeating student, so i dont entitle for this. But my class teacher, Ms Wong make a mistake, she thought every student can get it , so Mummy stick to her statement. By no choice , the Principal have to give Mummy.....

And now , Mummy is regretting over her decision...... hahahaha, more books means more story telling... Yippeeee...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Story Time

Since i start kindy, my teacher will always tell bed time story during our nap time. Im so get used to story telling before i sleep so i will ask Mummy to do the same too every nite.

Mummy didnt quite like the idea, coz she herself also busy reading her own novels before she falls asleep. But since its a good habit and can improve my reading , Mummy sacrifice half an hour of her precious busy schedule to accommodate me.

During our last outing, Mummy bought me a few books and im so addicted to this.

Inside got few fairy tales. And the one i love most was this...

I keep on asking Mummy to repeat this story again and again and again till Mummy get fed up and scold me. When she sees tears rolling down from my eyes, she feels so guilty. When she offers to read me again the story, i will quickly wipe away my tears and happily sat beside her and listen to this story again.

p/s : My dear son, not that Mummy dont wanna read to you, but every nite also the same story, and need to repeat at least 4 times( the max can reach to 8 times), Mummy will feel bored. Maybe we can try to read another fairy tales.......