Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 4 & 5 ( 22-23/3/2012) - Kaohshiung

After checking out from the hotel at Taichung, we continued our journey to Kaohshiung. Our 1st stop was this railway station, but forgot the name already, coz too many places we went...

main purpose we came here was because of this..LOHAS

we have our lunch here just because of the ...

bucket!! See or not the wooden bucket that filled with rice?

The meal above just for 1 pax, so Mummy & Por por decided to order their set lunch for 4 pax...



dong por yuk

sweet sour fish

cabbage in oyster sauce


and their dessert, taste something like our jellygrass

In total, we bought 6 sets of this wooden bucket....LOL

their pricelist

Total bill for our lunch only TWD 2100....

After lunch, we check in at this hotel..

When i saw the ice cream bar, i quickly help myself for a serving. It was FOC and you can have it all day long.. the bar opened for 24 hrs...

Just beside the check in counter, there was a room attached to it. It was for the guest to relax themselves after a hard day roaming at the night market. Just Mummy feels that way lah...there was 2 computers for the guest to use and it readily connected to printer. Mummy did print a few of our itineraries there...hehe

To relax, must have some drinks come together mah..

all sort of tea packet with diff flavour

And here it was ,the coffee making machine, can makes up to 6 types of flavour. For her whole life , Mummy didnt drink coffee, but seeing this, she also cannot tahan...she makes herself a cup of latte while Por por makes Cappucino, Gung gung makes white coffee...

And we can even have our laundry done for FREE. The hotel even provided the washing powder as well. Can see the dryer too? During our 2 nights stay here, we wash our laundry every day...while waiting for it to be ready, we went to the nearby night market. By the time we came back, its already done and we transferred it to the dryer. Then we will fix another drink while waiting for our clothes to be dried up...

Every night, we came out to the nearby night market to hunt for foods..

this QQ sweet potato balls really really really NICE. We have more than 4 servings just for the 1st night.

and this, i think was duck meat wrap. Mummy didnt tried on this..

The marinated chicken feet was good. We have it every night. When i said WE, only the adults ok, im not

We tried on their giant octopus tentacles and their green bean tau fu fah.. and called it a day..Went back to the hotel to have a good rest ...

The next day, we thought of going to places of interest, but the hot weather makes us back off...Kaohshiung is the hottest part of Taiwan..

we choose to view from the inside...hehe

so hot till i cant opened my eyes!!

We spend not more than 2 hours here, then fast-fast cabut already. Told the driver we want to have lunch near the pier. So he bring us here to have seafood lunch...Mummy forgot to snap the name of the shop...alamak..

After lunch, everybody suggested wanna go to shopping mall with full blast we end up at here..

Dream Mall, everyone's dream shopping mall?? hehe

Enjoying my foot long ice cream ...yummy

Mummy never got a chance to try macaroon before, so when she saw this bakery got sell, she quickly grab one cost her TWD70..and the macaroon end up in the dustbin...too sweet and got the rosey smell..

Our driver came to fetch us around 5:30pm, so back to the hotel to have our shower and rest for awhile before going out again to the night market for our final shopping. Tomorrow we heading back to Taichung...