Friday, April 30, 2010

The Unforgotten

My Best Buddy Ever a.k.a Baby Bouncer

You was there when i was a baby

You was there when i was 2 yrs old

Even after 4 yrs, you was still there for me

You are just too comfortable till i fall asleep on you

Without you, what would my life be..... u wont be forgotten till the day u RUST and Mummy have to throw u away....hehehe

Friday, April 23, 2010

Handy The Manny or Dennis The Menace??

Put here, no... put here.... Where's this steel bar supposed to be?? Im trying to fix my bicycle all by myself....

Ok, i give up coz i dont know how to do it...

Hehehe, stylish or not my self made 'binoculars'??

When Mummy thought i was fixing it,( actually im not) , she came nearer to have a proper look on what's lying on the floor.... it was the bolts and nuts came off from the wheels.

Mummy said im not Manny or Dennis, I AM WYSON THE DESTROYER....... wahahahaha

Monday, April 12, 2010

Being a little helpful

I tried to be helpful with housechores nowadays since everybody was so busy with Baby Iyson. When i see Por- por taking out the laundry to hang, i offer my help.

Tada, after 5 minutes, i have finished hanging all the baby clothes. A very simple task for a big boy like me.

Passed or not my hanging skill???

P/s : Mummy knows u trying to help , but u really need to improve on ur skill, son... u were being playful more than helpful. Mummy need another 5 more minutes to re-hang the clothes...kekekeke

Friday, April 9, 2010

Trip to the Zoo

Today Daddy send me to kindy earlier 10 minutes than usual. Why? Bcoz our kindy have organized a half day trip to Zoo Negara. Mummy paid RM30 which includes bus fare, entrance ticket and lunch.

Getting ready in the bus before departure

Listening to Teacher Wong to stay in group

We kepoh-ing while Teacher Wong also busy with her hp

Can i go in there? I see there's a pond

Taking group picture with orang-utan plague

Munching on our snack, muffin

Waiting for the animals show to start

Still waiting

Another group picture

Taking the tram on tour

Some of the animals that i see

Overall, the trip was exciting and i did learn alot , all about animals....

Goodbye Mr Diaper

Its already been 4 mths im diaperless during nite time. Mummy dont have a hard time training me, instead Daddy was uncomfortable with the idea. He insisted i wear diaper but everytime i will put up a struggle till Daddy surrender... hahaha

I keep telling Daddy the diaper was way too small for my big butt and im not comfortable wearing it. For the 1st 2 weeks, the transition of course wont be that smooth. I do wet the bed few times in that 2 weeks. But hey, accidents do happened , right?? Mummy didnt scold me , but Daddy keep on mumbling coz he have to keep on changing the bedsheet.
For the 3rd week onwards, im totally dry when i wake up. Yippee..... mission accomplished without much problems.... and save $$$$ too , but Mummy there were still 2 jumbo packs of XXL Mamy Poko in the store room. What should we do with it???
p/s : Never mind, son... Mummy was more than happy that u not wearing diaper anymore. About the leftover, we will passed to Ethan.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Im Officialy Promoted

After a long wait of 9 months, im finally and officially become a Gor-gor now. Since the day Mummy found out she's preggy, everybody around me keep on telling me i have to behave and show good example to baby coz i will be a Gor-gor. I dont know what that means , what i know was i keep on referring the baby as Mummy's baby.

I keep asking Mummy when will baby comes out

Here , presenting my baby brother( i still dont understand the term 'brother') , IYSON HIEW, born on 26 March 2010.

At first, i just dont like the idea of having a baby around the house, everybody attention was toward baby. I asked Mummy, why we need to bring back baby, we can just left him at the hospital. The nurses there will take care of him. (slap forehead) Mummy just shakes her head and said baby should follow his Mummy and Daddy.

After few days, i asked again. 'Mummy, why so many days, baby still here?? Shouldn't we just send him back to hospital?' Mummy have to keep on repeating and reminding me, that baby Iyson will be with us forever and not sending him anywhere.
I think i got the idea that now im having a sibling. We will play together, sleep together and grow up together. But maybe im still not used to it yet coz all this while im alone and i dont like the idea of sharing. Hopefully, our brotherly love will developed day by day.