Monday, February 28, 2011

Art Works 1

After attending Art Class for a month now, Im now presenting my Art Works for the month of February. Because CNY falls on this month, thus all our art works related to this festive.

A lantern and Bunny greeting card

A Dragon Flipping Board and Dental Care

Thursday, February 24, 2011


While Mummy said i need to go on diet( coz my weight keep on increasing tremendously), but on the other hand , she keep on luring me with all her home made cake.

How can one not fall into the wicked temptation if everyday being show this??

Butterish butter cake

Marvellous marble cake

Chocolicious choc muffin

Cottony cotton cake (A)

Another version of Cottony cotton cake (B)

Japanese Cheezy Cheese Cake

Im just like a happy little mouse, munching happily without the feeling of guilt...hahaha

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Im the one that likes to imitate what the adults do. My daddy , without fail, will floss his teeths every nite before going to sleep. Me on the other hand will pull out the floss and play with it. It was difficult for my little finger to slide the floss in between my teeth.

Mummy notice the adult floss was quite rough for my tiny teeth and sometimes makes my gum bleeding. So she's been looking for a children's floss after seeing Chloe using it. Been to Tesco a thousand times, but never got a chance stumble upon it.

Dont know by luck or by chance, Mummy saw this during one of her groceries trip to Tesco. She quickly grab a pack and cant wait to reach home to let me use it.

So, this was the how the children's flossers looks like..

Total got 20 pcs flossers with 4 different designs

Now, im flossing my teeth day in day out... hoping by doing this , i wont need to go to the dental.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Bit Here And There

CNY almost come to an end, 2 more days will be celebrating Chap Goh Mei.. For the past one week , nothing much happenings except on indulging all the goodies and snacks...

For the 2nd day of CNY, Mummy dressed us up in the same Tee, and dont we just look adorable??? Hehehe

And off we go over to Yi-poh house to pai nien. While Mummy busy with her gambling, we also busy munching and chewing on snacks.

On the 3rd day we meet up with our cousin brothers.

From L- R : Brandon ( 8) , Darren (6), Wyson(5), Iyson (10mths), Ethan (3) and Jayden(7mths)

The 6 stooges ( we're our Gung-gung and Por-por gems that makes them laughs and tears at the same time)

Mummy starts working on the 5th of CNY. Hence, we didnt go for any travel trip this time. But looking at all the snack we have, one can easily forgot about travelling.

Let's see what i have eaten so far.. Beside the dried meat, all of the other snack was made by Mummy.

Dried Meat and Bunny butter cookies

Fried popiah skin(sprinkle with sugar and milk powder) and marble cookies

Fried seaweed crisp and crab stick filament

Last Sunday, Mummy tried baking this Milo Chiffon cake again... it turn out great after a few times failure.. practice do makes perfect ,right?

And today, Mummy bakes this Choc Muffin... doesnt it looks yummy??

With all the fattening foods that i've consumed for the past one week, how can one not putting up weight??

So wanna know whats my current weight now??

Thats the result of over-indulging..... So now have to pay for the price, cutting down on my diet, no junkies and snacks... but am still taking my cheese cubes daily... * Mummy also slap forehead, already on diet, how can still take cheese???*

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bunny Year 2011

Happy Chinese New Year everyone... Hope everybody will be hopping into a prosperous year, stay healthy and wealthy throughout the year.

We make our journey to Dongzhen Temple, Jenjarom on the 1st day of CNY. It took us 4 hrs to reach there because we got lost on our way there.

When we reach there around 8:30pm, everybody was so tired but once see all the lighting and lanterns , everybody become so energetic..

We stroll for a while and then it starts drizzling. So we went for a nearby restaurant to have our dinner.

Luckily after dinner, the rain stopped. So we went back to the temple and continue or sight seeing till 11pm.

When we reach home, its already 12:30 am. So tired from the whole journey and i sleep all the way back.