Monday, May 27, 2013

Its Time to Renew My Licence

In a blink of eye, my licence will be expiring in Nov this, i need to get my licence soon so i can fly again...oh, forgot to said my licence to fly lah aka

I have been using this passport for the past 5 years, kind of sayang it 1st love, u know...hahaha

u see so cute kan?? how not to sayang leh? 

and i used it for the 1st time in March 2009 - for my Macau/HK trip

Macau - see how tiny i am

HK Disneyland - see so manja

On March 2010, stamped it for my Bali trip , minus Mummy..coz that time already near her due date for giving birth to baby Iyson. Mummy gave birth a day after we came back ;-)

Bali - oh , how Mummy missed that little me

On June 2010, Mummy tak sabar-sabar mau go vacation after her confinement, so we all tag along minus the baby of course , for Daddy's company trip to Betong , Thailand..

Betong - see how cheeky i am

On Jan 2011, our 1st trip to Singapore with baby Iyson..

Singapore - see my body start stretching sideway..hehe

On April 2011, our first trip to Guilin , China 

Guilin - im getting bigger than Mummy

July 2011 - my birthday present, a trip to Bandung, a very memorable one. We all came back sick, down with food poisoning, the 6 of everybody vow wont be going back again...


August 2011 - to forget our memorable Bandung  trip, we plan another enjoyable trip to Hatyai, was  so much fun here and we came back in one piece..hahaha


On November 2011, 2nd trip to China in a year..this round we choose Guangzhou was nice 

March 2012 , our long planned Taipei trip...eventhough im so sick that time , but i insist i want to follow, and Mummy have asked for the Doctor opinion, and Uncle Doctor said yes, provided i must bring along my medication..

Taipei - see my tiring face

On June 2012 - my early birthday gift to Chiangmai, Thailand. I started to request for a holiday trip as my birthday present every year Mummy no need to scratch head what to buy for me..errr, i still received my pressies(gadget or toys) every year..hehe

Thats all for now, i cant wait to laid my hand on my new licence so i can continue my journey again....adios..

p/s - Maybe Mummy will compile another album for my Cuti-cuti Malaysia pulak...just stay tune..

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Updates

Gosh, Mummy have been really busy lately till my blog grow mushroom and spider web...ish, ish, ish...its been 4 mths since my last update...

So , Mummy going to do a round up of all the thing that she still can remembered..

Something about my school life.. you all know, Mummy bought me 3 pairs of size 2 shoes when school started on January..but after 4 mths, i cant fit in Mummy have to buy another 2 pairs size 3..and as at today, i keep on complaining why the shoes so tight.. i really have GIANT feet lah, it will only grow bigger and wont shrunk

Everything pun grow, but my teeth otherwise pulak...keep on loosening and new teeth popping up..i have no difficulty losing my teeth, for the first 2, Mummy bring me to the dentist to pull it out. Then my 3rd, the teeth tercabut  when i was having dinner eating fishball! LOL...the 4th, i cabut it myself coz it was moving and making me uncomfortable..

up and down pun teeth missing

latest look, gigi lompang boy...haha

When everyone was busy with the PRU13, Mummy went back to hometown and of course i tag along..leaving behind baby Iyson with was a very short trip , we went back on friday night after work/school, reach KK already midnight..then came back here on Monday...

me and uncle KFC at hometown

me and my Ultra big Ultraman

My superheroes

Cant bring back the big one, the box was super big and heavy Mummy bought me a mini one..ok lah, better than nothing...

Last Sunday, was Mother's Day..nothing big happened , all the mother gathered together(without fathers ya) and tapao back satay and nasi lemak and feast at Yi poh house..

cake sponsored by Yi-yi

my cousin brothers

Hopefully after this post Mummy will be more rajin to update here rather than Candy crushing ....hahahaha