Sunday, December 30, 2012

Graduation Night

backdated post 4/11/2012

No words can describe how Mummy feels now....she just cant believe it, I finally graduated from kindy after 4 yrs struggle honey moon-ing there...

my 'sei fong mou'

not easy to earn my scroll though..hehe

all the graduate , can you spot where i am?

Percussion session

pic courtesy from Aunty Anggie( Mummy 'steals' from her FB)

getting ready for our performance

waiting at backstage with Jacky

our chopstick dance

as usual, my position always at the back

beautifully choreographed 

my 2nd dance, Oppa Gangnam style


the finale

all my beloved teachers and Principal

posing for the last time at this hall

Little J

me and CE

Now lets enjoy the video of my dance ;


Oppa Gangnam style

So my honeymoon years was over, and i need to prepare myself for the BATTLE of life, another 6 years to spent in Primary years...