Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcoming the Year of 2010

The year 2009 - too many bad experiences and memories but not forgetting the sweet moments also.
Today will be the last day of 2009 before we said goodbye and welcoming 2010. So how im sending away 2009?? Nah, not going for any countdown party, Mummy and Daddy said they were too OLD for that. We should just tuck in our bed and count lambs/sheeps instead. Hahaha
We're not going out for dinner also. Mummy said restaurant will be very packed, why wanna squeeze and make ourself uncomfortable. She have other plan in mind. She ordered pizza online and asked Daddy to go pickup. We're having pizza for dinner tonight. Not forgetting my Prawn Olio spaghetti, which i have finished before Mummy got a chance to snap photo...hehehe
We cant even finished this combo meal consist of 2 pan pizza, 4 breadstick and 1 pair of chicken wings. What a waste .....
Aunty Hwei Li suggested we can keep it till next year as our breakfast. Dont think Mummy would do that, she was too lazy to pack up the whole thing. For her, more convenient, if just dump into the dustbin and no eyes see....
So, GOODBYE 2009 and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year, New Look

New Year is approaching, so Mummy said why dont i get a new haircut to usher the new year. From im small till now, Mummy having difficulties bringing me to the hair saloon. I dont know why, i just hate the word saloon. Im scared when the aunty used the razor and scirssors to cut my hair.
But im slowly getting used to it. Thanks for the rewards i've got after each haircut. But for today, no reward coz im having mild cough, thus cannot have ice cream or chocolates. Im ok with it though, for something BIG is waiting for me next year. Hehehe

Getting my haircut

The new me

Monday, December 28, 2009


Dont know what's wrong with me this few week, whenever Im home with Mummy, i will tell her i wanna write. Actually im not the type that loves to do homework, i never write at home. So, Mummy also dont bother to buy me writing books.
What Mummy will do when i told her i wanna write? I still cant write on my own, but can trace the alphabets and number. This was what she will do. She gets her book and start to put some dots, dots, dots to form 1,2,3 and a,b,c and i will start tracing it.

Tada, this were my FIRST homework...

Numbers and alphabets

Sometimes i will tell Mummy a certain word that i wanna trace, eg : 7-Up, Coca-cola,100-Plus ( all this was my fav drinks, hahaha)

Because of my eagerness to write, thus makes Mummy head all the way to Tesco to buy me all this writing books. Did i see it wrongly, writing number 1-100?? Mummy really looks up on me.

And write Chinese stroke??

Oh gosh, kind of regretting now, that means i will have pile of homework to do now beside kindy one.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Its Boxing Day

Since i have been behaving very well yesteday( ehem, i become Daddy's little helper, remember?), and as a reward on Boxing Day, Mummy said today we will go for a movie at The Mines. Yeah, when i heard movie, i know we're going to the cinema. Actually i was just thinking about the popcorn and softdrink. Hehehe.....
So what's movie we will be watching?? Of course Alvin & The Chipmunks 2 : The Squeakquel. I only watch the DVD for their 1st episode. And i just loves the Chipmunks when they sing. Its so cute.

But im not behaving myself when we're watching the movie. I can only sit still for the 1st half hour, when munching on popcorns and having drink. Once i finish it all, i start to move here and there, keep on asking when will this movie going to end. Till Mummy and Daddy have to shhhh me to keep quiet.
When the movie finish around 3pm, Mummy quickly ushered me & Daddy to the Centre Court. She said the show will start soon. Hmm, what show? I thought we just finish watching the movie. Before we reach the stage, i already heard loud music and applauses. I got scared. I turned to Mummy and started to cry. I dont want to go near the stage. I wanna go home. But Mummy persuaded me to just watch from far.
So, what actually am i scared of?? Them, the 3 chipmunks. They were so BIG and GIGANTIC. Told you all , anything BIGGER than me will scared me off. Even when we watching from very far, there's a CLOWN giving out balloons nearby the place we stand. OMG, can we leave now???

Mummy have no choice but just leave hurrily. Instead we went to Giant and do some shopping before we heading back home.
What a wasted Boxing Day( Mummy's inner voice).....

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Xmas Day

Yes, its xmas morning. And what im busy with??? Being Daddy's little helper, of course. While Daddy was busy soaping the car, i help him rinsing it. But i was having so much fun by splashing the water here and there till i wet my shirt and pants.

Hi, Mummy, am i qualified to be a car washer???

Nope?? Then never mind, i will continue playing with the water.....

That's how i spent my Xmas, no shopping spree or expensive dinner, just the 3 of us having quality family time together.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sizing Problem

I remember reading Chloe's blog about her problem. Me also facing the same thing. Its not like we're that big sized, me and her just born few weeks apart. So, me also putting the blame on the clothing designers and makers. Hey, come on.... most of the shirts and pants meant for our age cant fit us in at all.
Im not joking here, just see it for yourself.
My shirts - have to wear size 7 - for 7 yrs old

If the cutting is big, then can settled on size 5-6

My pants - size 7, but if the cutting too small, have to wear size 9

My kindy uniform - must really comment on this, i have upgraded the size from M this year to XL next year( i have outgrowing the size M after just 6 mths, but Mummy said no point in buying size L, coz next year definitely cant fit in, so we skip size L and take size XL)

My kindy sport attire - also upgraded from size M to XL ( I wonder after XL, do they offer size XXL or XXXL?)

And lastly my pyjamas, i can only fit in size 7-8...

So, whose fault is this??? Who's to blame???

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Im 41 months old

Another update on my milestone achievements :

Height : 103 cm
(My goodness, i have only gained 3cm for the last 6 mths, last measured was on June - 100cm)

Weight : 22 kg
(Since the choking incident, i have become a very picky eater, most of the time i cant even finish my rice)

* Motor skill
- i have learn how to use a scissors, and can cut very well
- cannot write without guidance, but can trace numbers and alphabets

* Speech development
- i can talk in full sentences and with more verbal and facial expression
- Im very good in reasoning (to be more accurate - talking back) when im being scolded and reprimanded
- I know how to take off my shirt but still struggling when it comes to putting on, but have no problem at all with pants
- Bad habits developed : -
# Can glued to the tv ( watching Disney Playhouse channel) all day long
# Being more busy-body, everything also wanna kepoh , if can from tail to head
# No more magic words when asking for something (eg: thank you, sorry, please, may i and etc....), just snatch with force. * Mummy and Daddy still looking for ways to stop this*

But overall, im still Mummy and Daddy beloved gem...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Early Xmas Party

Today, our kindy held an early xmas party at it Sg Chua branch. Mummy paid RM20 for the participation fee for me to join. But too bad, im not enjoying myself at all. Why?? Coz im scared of Santa Claus and the Clown. In fact , im scared of anything BIGGER than me especially figurines.

Need to be pacify by my teacher after seeing a bunch of BIGGIES

Hiding behind Teacher Lina when the Clown is approaching

Need help from Jie jie to pass me the balloon

Only can enjoy Santa performance from far far far away

But what happened after this was more horrifying. My principal related this incident to Mummy when Mummy calls to check on me. Bcoz the party was held at another branch, so we need to travel by school van. Maybe im too tired of all the hiding and crying, on the way back, i fall asleep in the van.

When we reach our kindy, everybody was busy getting down without realising me, still SLEEPING and left behind. Only when teacher do head count once they reached the classroom, they PANICKED when they cant see me. They search up and down for me but still cannot find me. So , Principal quickly give a call to the van driver to ask whether i was inside the van. The uncle pull aside the van and check. Yup, i was sleeping soundly at the back of the seat. Uncle quickly send me back to kindy and to the relief of everybody.

Mummy was so FURIOUS when she heard this , but she also GLAD that im fine and ok. After she calm down, she think back. The principal actually can just keep quiet about this matter and nobody will know, but she choose to told Mummy coz she feels it was her responsibility. And reassured Mummy this wont happened again.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stars of Pureen

Since I've won the 1st prize in the Parenthood magazine contest, ' Stars of Pureen' on May 2008, I have become their loyal fans. Why? Coz the winning prize was a RM300 hamper of Pureen products and this include their kids yoghurt bath series. After i tried it, i simply fall in love with it. The smell was so nice.

And till now, i have become their number 1 fans. I asked Mummy to buy all the different flavour of shampoo, body bath and head to toe wash.

Im enjoying every moment of my bath time now....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day Trip to Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson

Since Mummy and Daddy cant take leave on Monday, hence we're 'forced' to go for a day trip only. But its better than nothing though.

Why so long we havent reach that place?

Acting cute..

Tada, at last we reach. Actually its my 4th time here but, well, as long as i can swim and play sand, i dont mind coming here again and again..

This was my 1st time here when im just around 13mths, see how much i have grown now...

Playing water

Playing sand

We even bring along our 'little friend' for a sand walk...hahaha

Me and Mummy

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goodbye Mr Pacifier

Its almost 3 months now im FREE from my pacifier. Mummy considered this as my another milestone achievement and something to be proud of. She have tried for many many times to wean me off from my pacifier but FAILED. I was too addicted to my 'jut-jut' then.
You all must be wondering how come this time i can said goodbye forever to my beloved 'jut-jut', all this thanks to Mummy for her 'wonderful' bedtime story. So, let me share the story here.
'Once upon a time, there was a boy who lives down the village. He loves his 'jut-jut' very much and cant sleep without it. One night, while he was sleeping, a big PINK monster that have been hiding under his bed crawl out. The Monster was very attracted to the boy's 'jut-jut' and he tried pulling it from the boy. The boy dont want to let go his beloved 'jut-jut' end up with losing all his teeth coz he bite hardly on it while the Monster pulling it away. His mouth was bleeding heavily and he was without teeth for the rest of his life.' The END.
Sounds scary , right? Thats why after hearing this, i quickly take off my 'jut-jut' and told Mummy i dont want it anymore. Im afraid the PINK monster will come and look for me. Since that night, i never asked for my 'jut-jut' anymore. Everytime i see somemone sucking a pacifier, i will told Mummy, Monster will come after them later that night.