Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Im 41 months old

Another update on my milestone achievements :

Height : 103 cm
(My goodness, i have only gained 3cm for the last 6 mths, last measured was on June - 100cm)

Weight : 22 kg
(Since the choking incident, i have become a very picky eater, most of the time i cant even finish my rice)

* Motor skill
- i have learn how to use a scissors, and can cut very well
- cannot write without guidance, but can trace numbers and alphabets

* Speech development
- i can talk in full sentences and with more verbal and facial expression
- Im very good in reasoning (to be more accurate - talking back) when im being scolded and reprimanded
- I know how to take off my shirt but still struggling when it comes to putting on, but have no problem at all with pants
- Bad habits developed : -
# Can glued to the tv ( watching Disney Playhouse channel) all day long
# Being more busy-body, everything also wanna kepoh , if can from tail to head
# No more magic words when asking for something (eg: thank you, sorry, please, may i and etc....), just snatch with force. * Mummy and Daddy still looking for ways to stop this*

But overall, im still Mummy and Daddy beloved gem...


  1. Happy 41 mths old, Wyson! And Merry X'mas to u n ur family!

  2. cute... Happy 41 months old.. big boy already..

  3. Thank you A. Ginie , merry xmas and happy new year to u too..

    Thanks for dropping by, A.Reanaclaire.. hmmm..big boy?? Mummy said i will become gor-gor next year, so I must be BIG hor...

    Thanks, A.Wyneth..

  4. Wyson and Chloe have the same height but he's much heavier leh. I think C around 18kg nia. They have a lot in common hor? Even the height chart and our wall also same leh ;-)

  5. Chloe, u know why we have lot in common?? coz our Mummy also very similar in a way...they we're so fated to be together..kakaka.. i wonder hor, they will match up us or not?? kekeke