Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yes, Boss!

Its approaching year end, and my kindy have organised all sort of activity for us , and 1 of it was this, Mini Carnival that Mummy have been longing for ( hmm, whats so fun about this?)

For the past few years, i will bring RM 1 on that day to become the 'consumer', buying foods from the 'seller'... but this year i will become the seller a.k.a BOSS....hehehe

So, this carnival will become my last home project ..kinda sad coz will be leaving my 2nd home which i have stays for 4 years...sob sob sob...

No wonder Mummy so so so longing for this carnival, coz she got the chance to show off her baking skill...hahahaha...Can guess what i will be selling ?? No prize for guessing correctly though...

Its Mummy's signature butter cake, and for this carnival , she renamed it to MAMAMIA butter cake pulak...ish,ish,ish...she said sound more glamour woh... and we priced it at 50cents per packet. Mummy said this was the easiest way for me so that i wont short/over changed my 'customer'. If they give RM1 , i will returned 50cents..easy, right?

Im so eager to start my business for today... Mummy have prepared 14 packets of cake & RM 3 loose change.

Mari, Mari, Butter  Cake, Butter Cake

choose, choose, and dont forget to pay ya...

Teacher Christina also give face to Mummy's cake

Teacher Tay also tak ketinggalan

My last packet was sold to Teacher Lim

Woohoo... finish selling of the cakes, and with the money i got, apalagi, i pun went on shopping spree lah. I used the money to play games and win some sweets, used to buy food from other seller, need to support support also....

And this is what i bring back for Mummy, minus out the RM3 and dont know how much i spent , i still got RM5.40.

It was fun to become a boss for a day, and i even told Mummy, got my 3 years old friend, wanna buy the cake, but she only got 20cents, so i just sell it , as long as can get money..aiyoyo, if next time do business like this , sure bankrupt one...hahahaha