Saturday, February 28, 2009

Having Fun In the Car

Even when we travelling in the car, Mummy still can find time to snap pics. Maybe because the journey from Por por house to town takes 45minutes, so Mummy also cant sit still, just like me. Her hp and camera always by her side. Just a click away here and there.

Our favourite, self portrait..

And this one, after Mummy wrapping me up like a 'SITI AMINAH', she just cant stop herself laughing and giggling...

Under the Sea

Today , Por por suggested we go to visit the UMS Marine Research at Likas. When we reach there, not so many people yet, so we took the chance to explore the place. It was just like an underwater world.

I was so shocked coz inside there got so many giant big fish. But after a while, i was so excited and keep shouting ' turtles , big fish'.

What's inside...

Outdoor, botanic area

Really an amazing trip, plus very worth it too coz no need entrance fees(Mummy said so)...

Friday, February 27, 2009

My 1st 'Doggy' Ride

I have my first experience on 'doggy' ride today. Usually Mummy wont let me have this eventhough i beg or show her my pity face. Everytime we passed by this, Mummy will just shake her head and said a BIG NO.

But not today. When we go 'lepaking' at City Mall, once i see the counter for 'doggy' ride, i quickly run over to the kakak managing it. To my surprise , Mummy asked me to choose which doggy i wants. So without hesitation, i quickly jumped on this. Mummy said this ride was a reward for me behaving well on the plane.

Not forgetting Brandon and Darren. We 3 enjoyed the ride so much.

When Mummy see me happy, she also feels the same.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sabah, here I comes again

Yes, today will be flying back again to Sabah. This time Daddy also not joining us. So just me, Mummy, Yi yi, Yi Cheong and Brandon.

Since the last incident when we went to Langkawi, Mummy have really learn her lesson. She makes sure she have my Birth Cert and Mykid in her bag. And Daddy also keep reminding her about this.

At last, im in the departure hall waiting happily to board the plane.

The plane waiting for us, I just cant wait, jumping up & down like a monkey

Inside the plane

View from inside the plane, the clouds just like cotton candy, yummy yummy...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Dancing Skill

I loves to sing and dance. And i found out that actually we can do tap dancing with Xmas song. So let me show you how to do it...

As simple as ABC...

Mummy & Me

I dont know since when Mummy addicted to this hobby. Whenever she's free, she will asked me to squeeze in together for self portrait. Mummy skill really bad coz usually after a few snaps then only i was allowed to go.

But im still having so much fun coz i can make silly faces but i will never take self portrait with daddy. Why ?? Hmm, just feeling a bit weird for 2 man to squeeze together. And daddy skill is more worst than Mummy.

Here are some of Mummy artwork...

Monday, February 23, 2009

House Chores

Lately i found myself busy helping out Mummy with house chores. But Mummy said the more I help, the more mess she have to cleared.

I thought Mummy must be very happy when im trying my best to help out. Now, i even bath by myself, but of course with close monitoring. I can differentiate which one is hair shampoo and body shampoo. After finish using it, i will put it back to the rack and keep all my bath toys. Then i will put my wet laundry into wash basket.

Helping Mummy with her laundry (back dated photo)

When dinner time, after finish my meal, i will put the plate & spoon into the wash basin without Mummy telling me to do so. I just loves to be independent...

And now i try to master this skill...

After Mummy empty the trash bin, i will put in the plastic. But am having difficulties at the beginning, coz the plastic bag just wont listen to me.

Stubborn, stubborn plastic bag. After a few attempts, then only i can get it right...

Mission completed........... and very proud of myself too...

A Little Help Will Do

With the recent economic downturn, Mummy and Daddy seems a bit affected by it. They will discuss how to cut down on the unnecessary shopping list, dining and spending. Luckily they only cut their expenses and not mine. I still have my shopping spree every weekend and thus this makes me more guilty spending on Mummy and Daddy hard earned money.

What can i do to ease their worries??? And I remember when Mummy queuing up at the supermarket counter to paid up , I always notice there will be a helper doing the packing. It looks easy to learn and get paid for it.

So, i know what will I do , start learning................

I will asked Mummy to provide some plastic bags for me....

Then i will start packing my milk powder ( that Mummy stock up) as a practice

Tada, here is the end result....

So am i qualified to be the helper ???? And start earning $$$$ ????

Mummy just laughs non stop when she seeing me doing this... she must be very happy thinking i will start earning $$$$ for her....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mummy Belated Valentine's Celebration

Yesterday Mummy & Daddy brings me out to Jusco S2 for their belated V's celebration...hmm, wasn't that supposed to happen last week?? Oh, i forgot...last week all of us was down with flu Mummy decided to carry forward.

Mummy said she wants to have late lunch at Sushi King but Daddy insist on having Chinese after a while of 'discussion', guess who wins???

I just loves to eat this, it was soft, tasty and yummy. I can finish 2 plates of this.

My happy face when im full, but Mummy said this looks ugly coz cannot see my eyes. But its not my fault too, who asked Daddy genes so strong???

After that we proceed to Speedy , I was telling Mummy i wanna buy the Teletubbies VCD. Daddy said , at home already got tonnes of vcd, even cant finish watching , why need to buy more? But guess what?? Looks like Daddy always at the losing side when Mummy's around.

The VCD will follow me back home safely....hehehehe

Then the last agenda... We went to this big , dark and cold room. The sound system is very loud and the tv is very big too..and im very scared. Im holding to my Daddy like this..

According to Mummy, this is cinema, the place for us to watch movie... we have to stay inside here for almost 2 hours, and im just doing i keep asking Daddy & Mummy i wanna go to washroom. End up, they takes turn bringing me in and out....

What a day!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome to my World

Hello, my name is Wyson, the little prince to my Mummy & Daddy..... Mummy long time ago already have this thinking to create a little blog just for me. But then drag , drag , drag till now im almost 3 years old, finally the blog is here...