Friday, February 27, 2009

My 1st 'Doggy' Ride

I have my first experience on 'doggy' ride today. Usually Mummy wont let me have this eventhough i beg or show her my pity face. Everytime we passed by this, Mummy will just shake her head and said a BIG NO.

But not today. When we go 'lepaking' at City Mall, once i see the counter for 'doggy' ride, i quickly run over to the kakak managing it. To my surprise , Mummy asked me to choose which doggy i wants. So without hesitation, i quickly jumped on this. Mummy said this ride was a reward for me behaving well on the plane.

Not forgetting Brandon and Darren. We 3 enjoyed the ride so much.

When Mummy see me happy, she also feels the same.

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