Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cuti-cuti Malaysia Part 2

After an early check out from Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, we continued our journey to Penang. Baby Iyson getting more crankier now..... he's not his usual self, he will cry whenever he feels like it.

When we reach Penang, we decided to take the ferry to the island. It was our first time taking a ferry.. I was so scared till i do not dare to move around, im scared the ferry will sink. I preferred staying inside the car... Mummy was teasing me , saying that pirates wont come to catch us. Its not funny, Mummy.. im really really scared.. At least im not crying. Baby Iyson on the other hand , cried non stop and wailing while we're in the ferry..

When we reach the island, we have our late breakfast. Then we proceed to Kek Lok Si temple. This was my 3rd time here..

The last visit was on CNY 2009..

Our visit on 2009

Can see how much i have change? Now am a big big boy already... .this time we went for their newly built extended temple. .. and i took the opportunity to snap pic with my chinese zodiac, Doggy..

Then with Guan-Yin ( can see or not, Baby still crying here. Pity him also, once we got down from the temple, we straight bring him to the clinic. His temperature was shooting up like rocket and his body was very hot)

With my cousins

We straight go check in at Vistana Hotel after the doctor visit. Then Mummy and baby stays in the hotel while we all go out looking for foods. Mummy can only ordered room service for her and baby.

We check out the next day and was thinking to stop by again at Bidor on our way to buy some biscuits and fruits. End up we discarded the idea. Baby still taking his med and Mummy was way too tired already.

Thats all about our 3d2n trip.... But the weirdest thing was, once baby goes to bbsitter house, he become so active and cheerful.. guess he was homesick and missed his bbsitter so much..

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cuti-cuti Malaysia Part 1

Mummy have choose to travel on baby's birthday today. Thus we have a 3D2N trip to Ipoh and Penang.

We left for Ipoh for today, and reached there almost 2pm.

And ngam-ngam can have our late lunch here, Lou Wong, famous for their Chicken rice.

After a short stroll in the town, we proceed to check in at Laketown Resort..... i thought we can have water play since this was a water theme park , but how wrong i am..

Baby was not feeling well and his temperature shoot up to 39C and i have a bit coughing, so Mummy decided we will stay in the hotel room for the nite.... what a waste...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Iyson Turning 1

Yesterday we have an early celebration for Iyson's 1st birthday at a Chinese Restaurant. Mummy only invited closed relatives because she knows very well , baby was scared of strangers. So to avoid the crying and wailing session, the dinner was a closed door affair.

I was being cheeky for the whole night photo session...why? bcoz im not the star of the day, everybody only pay attention to baby and neglected me..

Even when posing with Por-por and Gung-gung, i also show a pose like this...

When it was cutting cake session, while everybody was busy singing birthday song and clapping hands, i quickly blow off the candle before baby have the chance..naughty , naughty me..

Mummy gave me a good lecture for that and said im not supposed to blow candle when its not my birthday.. only birthday boy was allowed... Never mind, my birthday will be the next, so im practising my skill actually...hahaha

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Im Sick Too

Mummy not only worried about baby Iyson having fever, cough and flu, but me also. After few rounds of vomiting on Thursday, i start purging yesterday, uncontrollably.. i will wet my pants without me realising. I will run to the toilet in the middle of the nite eventhough im half way sleeping.

So without wasting time, Mummy bundled up the two of us and to the Paed we go.

After all the checking and Q & A session , Dr said it was virus infection and prescribed this for me, Smecta powder ( to hardened my stool). Last time i dont like to take this one coz the taste was so AWFUL but the nurse told Mummy now they have added vanilla orange flavor.

And few bottles of this...

Hopefully after taken this, i wont be running for the toilet again..

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Im so used to be alone, no matter when playing ,eating or sleeping. So when i've got a baby brother, baby Iyson, everything we do must do it together. I just dont get used to it. Im still preferred to be ALONE.

Im HAPPY when im alone

See, i will play on my own while baby plays all by himself...

Mummy notes : I really think the 4 years age gap that contribute to this. No matter how i coax or persuade Wyson to play with his brother, he just wont budge off. For him, he rather play alone or dont play at all.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Special Name

Few months back, when Mummy received the last issue of Nurture & You( a free mag from Mamil Mama Gold Club) for 2010, her eyes was hook on this contest the moment she saw it.

She always told her friends that her kids have the most special name in the world( so perasan!) thus she must join this contest. Who knows will win back something..

This was what Mummy wrote :

When i was pregnant with my first son, i've already have in mind, i want to give him a special name. A name that you cannot find elsewhere. Every nite before i went to bed, i will think of a few combination , and thanks god, at last i've got a very special and meaningful name for my baby boy, WYSON.

How do i get this name ?? Easy, i use the combination of hubby's name and my name.

Hubby's name : Wei + My Name : Ivy + Son = Wyson ( Wei & Ivy's son)

After 4 years, i got pregnant again. The same formula applied for naming my 2nd baby. When i know its a boy again, i've know exactly what will i name him. He also have a special name, Baby Iyson.

Coz Iyson will be our last baby, thus i choose the combination like this :

Hubby's name : Wei + My name : Ivy + Son = Iyson ( Wei & Ivy's son)

I've choosen the last alphabet in our name to mark this will be our last baby.

Now im a proud mother of 2 boys, Wyson (pronounce as Way-sen), 4.5 yrs old and Iyson ( pronounced as Eye-sen) , 8 mths old.

After submitting the entry , she totally forgotten about it till today a courier guy rang her. The guy asked Mummy whether she will be at home or not because he need to do courier delivery. Mummy so surprised coz she long time didnt shop online , and who on earth will send her parcel? She asked the guy, the parcel from where , and he answered from Danone Dumex. Straight away Mummy knew she is one of the winner. Hooray...

And this is the GIFT. Eventhough its nothing special coz i've already play with this 2 years ago... but it still means something for Mummy.. means the name she choosen for us is very very SPECIAL....

Ok, Mummy, i must admit our name is indeed very SPECIAL and one of its kind... thanks Mummy for brainstorming for such an UNIQUE name..