Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My 1st Field Trip

Today was my 1st field trip (organized by kindy) to Rabbit Farm & Fruits Orchards at Beranang. Im not that excited when Mummy told me about this last week. I only remember her saying that there will be many rabbits.

So as usual, i woke up and get prepared to school. Once reached there, teachers already busy gathering us and start head counting. I was so nervous, i dont know whats going on and suddenly was told to get on a big bus.

See, im still in shock... but excited too coz no need to study....hooray...

At the Orchard...and behind me was the p-apple(still cant pronounce correctly yet) plant

With Brandon gor gor, weather was so hot till we're sweating all over

Then proceed to rabbit's farm

Oh, kuchi, kuchi, rabbit, rabbit come here, come here... Where you wanna run? I've got your ears already ..

p/s- didnt know my boy was brave enough to catch a rabbit

Come on out, where you wanna hide??

Taking photos with gor gor & jie jie (im the youngest in kindy) before leaving

Back at kindy, with Teacher Lina, i was waiting for my turn to have shower

After shower, its nap time and everybody was so tired after a half day trip.

While waiting for our milk, we just fall asleep..

I really enjoyed myself today, and i cant wait for the next trip....


  1. What a fun field trip. Haha the kids so tired till fall asleep in sitting position ar??

  2. Seems like he did have fun since he can doz off while sitting? Its nice to have an outing once in a while yeah?

  3. its really tired, but worth it coz the trip really fun & exciting..