Sunday, August 29, 2010

Battery Erosion

Have u ever seen this scenario, where u accidentally forgot to remove the batteries from ur torchlight, or any electrical gadget that operate using batteries?? Or in my case, electronic toys.

Yes, battery erosion. When u finally remembers, it was too late. You can see white crusty build up and please , please Do not touch the white crusty build-up with your bare skin. That's battery acid which has leaked from the battery and it can burn your skin.

Mummy reads from one Mummy's blog that she tried using baking soda to remove the build-up but to no avail. End up, the springs even broken. So Mummy also dont bother to try.

So what will happened to my this Fisher-Price Kick and Learn Piano?? Cannot hand down to Baby Iyson either. Whenever Mummy see this she will sakit hati coz this piano not cheap and i play for awhile only when im small. Its still look so NEW.

To ease Mummy's heart pain, the piano end up here, in the dustbin waiting for the garbage truck to come. No eyes see, and no heart pain...

A very valuable and expensive lesson for Mummy. Mummy will keep in her mind not to repeat the same mistake again.

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  1. Aiyo so sayang!!! Few days ago, I just sorted out Chloe's baby FP toys. All of them are still working leh! Both toys and batteries are equally tahan lasak.