Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Everything's Online

Nowadays u can easily heard people says shopping online , doing banking transactions online, pay bills online and etc etc etc. Recently Mummy found out she can even have her photos print online. Thanks to EOE , Mummy now can sit comfortably at home and uploaded all the picture that she wants to develop and wait patiently for the photos to be delivered to our doorstep.

What makes Mummy more happy is that now they were having a big crazy promotion, 4R print at only RM0.30 and FREE delivery for orders above RM35.00. Whenever Mummy see the word FREE, she would go berserk. And not forgetting the time she saved in travelling too.

EOE really saves the day. Mummy now was busy selecting tonnes of pictures from our previous travelling trips and just cant decide which and which is the BEST. Aiyoh, Mummy... since now they were having offer, just choose all lah, its even cheaper than your member price at the photo shop.

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