Sunday, August 15, 2010

My 10th Day

After a few series of high fever, at last the real culprit reveals itself. It was Mr ChickenPox(CP) came to pay me a visit. Such an uninvited guest, came at the wrong timing. I missed 1 whole week of school( which I like the most) while Mummy and Daddy have to sacrifice their precious annual leave. They took turn to look after me at home coz im not welcomed at bbsitter house. Reason due to baby Iyson is there and Mummy dont want me to spread the virus around.

Luckily i have taken the CP jab, which makes me less suffering from inflamed pimples. But the itchiness was intolerable, i keep on scratching like a monkey. Overall, i have not more than 10 pimples( ok lah, still countable..)

In my 5th day

My face

My neck

My stomach

My arm

Today is entering the 10th day and Mummy found a few is popping up for the last 2 days at my stomach. Mummy was praying hard i will be fit enough to go to school tomorrow. Else , she will be scratching her head again...

During this 10 days, i didnt even have 1 bottle of milk and thus makes Mummy worrying about me not getting enough nutrition. I skip most of my meals coz complaining of mouth pain. But the funny thing was , when Mummy suggested we go to Pizza Hut, i can finish up a plate of Prawn Olio spaghetti and 2 slices of Chicken Garlic Pizza. Geng mou?


  1. The last pic... looks like mosquito bites. Aiyo mummy, don't complain lah. Already so senang... 10 biji only! Last time me kena jaga big baby plus small baby... total 500 biji, I think! Haha!

    Wow, he likes Pizza Hut a lot hor? Really can eat... very geng!

  2. get well soon ne~


  3. poor Wyson !
    Why don't spread to Iyson? Maybe not so suffer for the youngest time.

  4. Luckily it's a mild case. Wat a relief he has a good appetite. Kids r like that, when given food they dun really like, they complain mouth pain. But can wallop a lot of their fav food. :) Hope he's well enuf to go to sch edi.