Friday, July 23, 2010

Im 4

I am exactly 4 years old today. Happy happy birthday to me........

Some updates on myself :

-Height : I have already exceeded the max 105cm from the height chart, so probably 107/108cm

-Weight : 24kg++ (oh gosh, am that heavy??)

-Can recognize most of the alphabets and numbers( abit slow than the peers of same age, some of my friends can already recite from A-Z)

-Have improvement in my coloring and writing(thats what Mummy wants to see)

-Can understand very well of the facts and results : eg

1) When daddy commented why i run so slow on my previous sport event, i told him ' Daddy, if i run very slow, how can i get the 1st place? I should have ended at the last'..

2) When Mummy said why im so heavy (keep on piling up on my weight), i told her ' Mummy, i finished my rice everyday,thats why..'

Still in moody mode, just wake up


  1. Wow...u r eating very well! My son about the same age (4 years old in sept) only weight about 15 kg.

    Happy B'day to Wyson and enjoy your day!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Wyson! Really big boy already lor! 24kg++ *wow!* Mummy can still carry u or not?

    Have a wonderful party tomorrow!

  3. Happy Birthday Wyson !!

    I also wish my Jn will same bigger size as Wyson.

  4. Happy Birthday Wyson DiDi :-)

  5. Happy 4th Birthday to u, Wyson! And on behalf of CE, thx for the Kit Kat! ;)

  6. happy birthday to Wyson !!!

  7. thank you, thank you for all the birthday wishes here, aunties...

    aunty HL, Mummy long long time already cannot carry me...

    aunty Wyneth, later ur wish come true and Jonas become like me, then u will be very happy...

    hope CE enjoy the kitkat, aunty Ginie, he share with his jie jie or not??