Monday, September 12, 2011

Zipper Bag

During our last trip to Hatyai, Mummy bought this Pooh storage zipper bags from Tesco Lotus. Mummy never seen it in Tesco here. She bought a box which consist of 12 bags.

Wasnt it cute?? Mummy love it so much and 'ng ser tak' wanna use it. She kind of regretted why she didnt buy more that time, coz a box of this only cost less than RM5.

End up Mummy didnt use that and stuffed it back to the box. She takes out another zipper bag ( smaller in size, but Pooh prints also) to store this mini alphabets sandwich that she make.

Mummy use the biscuit cutter to cut the bread, and wasted sacrificed so many pieces of bread just to get this and yet im still complaining its not even enough for my morning snack session at kindy!!


  1. Eh, so ngam... I also bought a box of cute zipper bags from Mel. I chose the Elmo one... cost about RM6+ for 20 bags. Same like you, "ng seh tak" use also hehe. How come Msia don't have cute stuff like this geh??

  2. The bag is cute~ Got Winnie the Pooh one.... ^^

  3. Oh ya very cute Ziploc bag. I only bought those normal and blank type.

  4. Mommy so hardworking. Let u bring snacks to sch even tho it's provided. The alphabet sandwiches r so cute but wat did Mommy do with the rest of the bread?

  5. yaloh, msia so lauyah, cannot earn $$ from us coz they dont have cute2 zipper bags...LOL

    vicky, that normal one so 'normal' lah, give my Wy also he dont wanna use...

    ginie, rest of the bread not wasted also, end up in the doggies stomach...haha. Not that i wanted to prepare snacks for him, but he said he's bored with the skol food. Im very lazy lah, need to wake up more early just to prepare this..hehe

  6. very cute zipperbag leh ! I also like it.