Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Simple Meal

Today , Mummy was in LAZY mode. She doesnt wanna cook something heavy after which she needs to wash alot. So she search inside the fridge and found a packet of frozen ready made roti paratha ( Kart's brand) which she bought few days ago.

Just need to pan fried it with a little bit of oil. Mummy substitute oil with butter and fried till golden brown.

our crispy roti paratha

After fried, the roti paratha was so fluffy and crispy. I even said it taste more good than the mamak roti canai. Then for the dipping, Mummy just heat up a can of chicken curry ( instant again, Mummy really in her super duper LAZY mode). Eventhough canned, but still taste good...hehe

canned chicken curry

Plus a cup of cold Ribena, our afternoon tea was perfect....

Simply loves Malaysian food

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